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Jefferson VS Penn Hosptials

I've been going to Jeff for my regular ob-gyn visits before getting pregnant. They've been fine but I'm not sure if they are the right choice for delivering my baby. I've heard a lot of positive feedback from friends who delivered at Penn Hopsptial but very little regarding Jefferson. Anyone had expereince at Jefferson or Penn that can speak to which one they would reccomend? I'm also open to specific doctor/practice reccomendations. 

Re: Jefferson VS Penn Hosptials

  • I delivered my first two at Jefferson and had an awesome experience both times. My DS had high bilirubin levels and had to stay an extra night. Technically they should gave kicked me out, but they let me stay The only reason I didn't deliver my 3rd there is because we moved to the burbs and are within 5 minutes of two great hospitals When you say Penn, do you mean U of Penn or Pennsylvania Hospital? Both are great, I obviously chose Jeff but I think all the city hospitals are pretty even. I have heard good and bad things about all of them
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  • @RedHeadBaker- thanks for sharing. I am scheduled to deliver at HUP in April and have questions-if you don't mind. Did you labor for a while home and then HUP? How was laboring at HUP? Were able to walk around? Birthing ball available/used? Birthing tub? Were u restricted food while in labor? Did u have a natural birth?
    I want a natural birth and just wonder how Natural-birth friendly HUP is.
    If you had a C section how did that go? Cleanliness? Lots of attendants- given that its a teaching hospital? Private room or shared?
    Many many thanks for your time- I am a in Kenya but grew up in Philly so coming home to deliver.
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  • Congrats on a smooth delivery.
    Many many thanks. This was very helpful. I did not know epi was 90%+! No other questions for now.
  • Sorry for barging into this thread so late but I thought id share my experience at Jefferson.

    First off--I was at Riddle 26w2d and was transferred to Jefferson two days later due to Severe Preeclampsia.

    I was very against going into the city. Not knowing what to expect my husband and I were VERY happy with Jefferson. Their L&D staff is amazing. The recovery floor 12th Thompson is so nice and very peaceful. The NICU where my daughter stayed for 66 days was amazing. I work for Penn but strongly recommend Jefferson.

    Good luck!
    Olivia Madison born July 27th, 2011 at 27w6d at 10:44pm 1lb 11oz 13 1/2 inches delivered c-section due to Severe Preeclampsia and PIH
  • I have heard nothing but good things about HUP. That's where a lot of my co-workers have delivered and they say it was wonderful. I work for Penn, but I do not feel "loyalty" towards them and had looked into other hospitals. But Penn seems to be up to par. I think you're going to get great care at either Penn or Jeff - they're both fabulous.
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