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Curious? What kind of personalities do your kids have, and how different are they from each other?

I was just talking about this with my DH yesterday. We were actually discussing what our newest son is going to be like. Plus, I am bored, passing time before I have to pick up my DH from work.

We have 3 boys. Oldest is laid back, loves technology-i.e. Xbox! He's somewhat helpful, because he's 12, but otherwise pretty much keeps to his self, not very social. Our 10yo is a little bookworm, and is the 'organizer', almost more neat than I am. He can be easily discouraged at times, but now that he's getting older, he's outgrowing that little by little. Now our 8yo, is extremely curious, outgoing, and most girl crazy kid I've ever seen for his age. 

I could go on and on, but that's them in a nutshell. What about yours?  

Re: Curious? What kind of personalities do your kids have, and how different are they from each other?

  • Hello from J13
    I'm bored also, sitting here waiting for DS to get out of school, he is 7.
    I also have LO 5mo. I can already tell their personalities are going to be very different! When DS was LO's age he HATED being held! Very independent, he would squirm and scream no matter who held him...he much preferred his vibrating chair or swing. LO is completely opposite, he doesn't care who holds him as long as all attention is on him and the minute he gets set down 90% of the time he throws a tantrum! He is very affectionate and loves cuddles.
    Although DS is independent, he is extremely social, most kids in the school know him by name, admittedly he doesn't know every kids name that talks to him on the way back to the car :) he is artistic and loves music. He can get his little attitudes sometimes...I always tell DH that DS is 7 going on 16...
    I have a feeling that when LO is DS' age he will be a lot shyer, and maybe listen a bit better than his older brother...we shall see though...



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  • Interesting question.  To an objective outsider, I'm sure my kids seem more similar than different.  But I tend to focus on the differences between them.

    Both of my kids are smart and tend to be on the cautious side.  Neither is a huge risk taker.  Both want to please adults, and both are rule-followers.  They're both creative, but they express their creativity in VERY different ways.

    My DD is very verbal and outspoken.  She comes off as poised and confident to others.  People think she's older than she is.  She's bookish and studious, although not nerdy.  She's not super athletic, but she likes to do physical activities on her terms.  She's artistic and loves artsy-craftsy stuff and creative writing.  Until recently, she was a "one BFF at a time" kind of kid.  Now that she's a teen, she has figured out how to exist as a part of a larger group of friends.   She's fairly disorganized: sloppy and forgetful.  We call her our absentminded professor.  In an argument, she's very tough.  She won't show her feelings.  She's stubborn.   I can see her going into sciences or becoming a lawyer or judge.

    My DS is usually pretty quiet.  You get the sense that he's off in a world of his own a lot, and it can be hard for him to snap out of his thoughts and really listen.  He's got quite an imagination, and he displays a lot of social and interpersonal understanding in his pretend play.  He's the kid at school who plays with the special needs kid or the new kid in class who is all alone.  He always has tons of friends, and everyone wants to play with him.  He loves music, math, and video games.   He's more physically coordinated than his sister, and he learned at swim and ride a bike at a much younger age than she did.  He is much better with organization than his sister, but has trouble in school with any writing tasks.  We call him our man of few words.  I can see him going either into technology or into a helping field such as social work or teaching when he's an adult.

    Fun!  Can't wait to read about others' kiddos.
    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 7th grade
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  • Spin313Spin313 member
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    My kids are almost six and almost three. They are both super social and friendly. They love talking to anyone who will listen to them. They are both fairly athletic...DS is super fast, and DD is a little monkey gymnast.

    DS loves school. He loves to read and do worksheets and crafts. He loves learning new things, especially related to math and language. He is a bit hard on himself when he tries new things and can't get it right away. He frustrates easily. He's also more on the emotional side, like me. He's also a bit of a "police officer" and "reporter."

    DD alternates between sweetheart and bossy pants...she's sneaky, too. She is very independent and likes to do things herself, but some things turn into control issues. She has a temper like DH and, as a second kid, she's definitely picked up some bad habits from DS. She definitely learns by observation.

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