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NJ Flu Shot question

Any Jersey mommies here? NJ requires flu shots for for children in daycare/preschool between the ages of 6 months and 59 months.  My question is my son goes to preschool still but is now over 5 years old.  I am hoping that means he doesn't need to get the shot?  I really do not feel comfortable giving it to him.  Anyone else been in a similar situation with a child being over 5 but still in preschool?  I printed out a copy of the NJ Dept of Health vaccine requirements hopefully that is enough.  When school closed for winter break the Director just kept pushing that ALL kids need it, never mentioned under 5....TIA!

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    I would assume if it is a private preschool they can have whatever rules they want for their own students, so it would depend on whether it is the school policy for everyone or they're going by the law alone.

    They are trying to protect everyone in the school by having everyone vaccinated, as there may be a couple kids and adults who cannot get the vaccine, including the young babies, so if they have the policy that all kids who can have to have it regardless of age, remember that is the goal, it is not personal.

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  • I do feel strongly and don't want DS to get it.  I don't want him missing school either though.  I looked through their handbook and its not in there as a policy so I really don't think they require it for them, the director just kept refrencing the "law" and that "the Dept of Health requires it" etc.  Its only a nursery not a daycare so the kids there aren't babies - they start at age 3.  I am going to call Thursday before he is due to return Fri.

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  • You are worried about him missing school so that is a great reason to get it!  Legally they do not have to have it if they turned 5 before December 31 when they were required to have it.  But the school can, and honestly should, require it.  
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  • Why do you not feel comfortable giving it to him? I've never heard of (bogus) autism concerns being associated with a flu shot. I make sure my kids get theirs as soon as they're available because it takes time to build up the immunity. DH and I get them too. They are not 100 percent effective (pretty sure I had the flu last weekend!) but even if you get the flu you're likely to get over it more quickly if you had the shot.
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