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Communicating Hydrocele/Hernia

Has anyone's LO had this?

We just met with a surgeon to discuss his operation and the doctor advised us that it should be taken care of relatively soon. I'm super nervous about the risks and my little guy having anesthesia this young. (I'm sure I'm worrying for nothing, but I can't help it... I worry a lot) I checked out our local surgeon online and he is extremely low rated, (1.5 out of 5 stars) so I'm going to a chlidren's hospital to get another opinion.

If you've dealt with this, how old was your little guy when he went into surgery? And do you think I'm overreacting for wanting to find a pediatric surgeon?

*Sorry if this has been discussed. I'm mobile and can't use the search option.
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Re: Communicating Hydrocele/Hernia

  • When I went for my lil guy's 2 month well visit, the pedi said that he had a hernia and referred us to a surgeon.  We went to see the surgeon the following week and he said it was a hydrocele and not a hernia.  He recommended not doing anything right now bc in most cases they resolve on their own by 6 months.  If it were a hernia, they would have wanted to do the surgery whenever we could schedule it. 

    I would go for the second opinion and see what they have to say.  Good luck.  If he does need to have surgery, I hear it's a pretty quick procedure and they are pretty much fine after.  Try not to worry!

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    Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback.

    Eta: My main concern was having to do the surgery so soon. It really does help to know that if your LO had a hernia, they would've wanted to correct it at that time. His doctor was the one who found it and said that they have surgery when they are a year old to repair it. I was going to get a pediatric surgeon's opinion on how old he should be.
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  • My little guy doesn't have that but has hypo spadia (penis issue). We saw a specialist and we scheduled surgery for 6 months. He is having to go under which is what is freaking me out the most. Just wanted you to know I feel your pain. My dr is highly recommended and has rave reviews. He is also a pediatric urologist, which was important to us. FWIW, there is no way I would let a dr with poor reviews do anything to my kid.

  • My DD had to have 2 hernias repaired at 3 months. I hated having her put under! She recovered very quickly from the double surgery though. She didn't even need any Tylenol! She now has two tiny little scars in the folds of her legs. Good luck!
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  • Thanks ladies. It definitely puts my mind at ease knowing others have gone/are going through similar situations.

    I think I'll make a call next week to get another consultation set up with someone I'd feel better going to.

    @prayin&dreamin so glad everything worked out well!
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