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PCSing with a Newborn

We just learned that my husband must check into our new duty station 30 days after my due date with our first.  Luckily our new home will only be a 3 hour drive from our current one, so a couple trips are possible and at least we aren't having to deal with airports, etc, but I would love any helpful hints you can provide!  When would you plan on moving?  We're currently thinking a week before check-in to maximize time for me to heal but also give us a bit of time to settle before he goes back to work, but is that crazy? Not only is this our first child, this will also be my first military move since we met at his current station.  I'm trying to stay calm and know everything will work out, but I'm not going to lie that every time I really start to think about the logistics of it all I start freaking out a bit.  It's not just the move and getting used to having a baby, but trying to manage all the family who wants to fly in to see the new (first!) grand-baby.  Thanks in advance!

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Re: PCSing with a Newborn

  • I've never done it, but I think if you can get into whatever your housing is a week before his check-in time, assuming you deliver on your due date, that would probably be good. However, a lot of first time moms go past their due dates, so keep that in mind. Also, talk to the TMO office when you can to make sure to get your movers and packers set up. I absolutely would not do a full DITY move with a newborn (I won't do one anyway, but with a baby it would be no-way-no-how). Whatever amount of money you might make from it would be completely eclipsed by the stress. Assuming you will see the movers either the same day or the next day from the move, pack what you need and put it in your car/s so you are sure you have what you need until they get there. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time for the car trip; if it takes 3 hours normally, I'd adjust it to 5 with a newborn. As for family visiting, I'd lay it out for them as to what is going down. That you will be giving birth and you guys moving in short order. If they visit before the move, tell them they can stay in a hotel, I would not have houseguests. Honestly, if this is possible, I would tell everyone to wait until you guys were at the new duty station and in your housing before they came. That does still leave you having to unpack, but at least you'd be a little more settled.

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  • We will be PCS-ing with a 6 month old and I thought that was bad. I feel for you. We are def having movers, no DITY for us. We also prepare everything that we will need to take with us a few days prior to the packers arriving and put it all in one room and close the door. That way they don't mistakenly pack any of it. As short as your transit is, it shouldn't take them long to deliver your HHG to your new house but be prepared just in case. As far as time off goes, my DH would be permitted 10 days of permissive TDY once he reports at his new duty station in order to have time to receive goods, set up utilities, etc. He's Army so not sure if that differs by branch. As far as family, I would totally tell them to come visit after you get settled into your new home. Not only are you going to be recovering from birth, you'll be getting used to having a newborn at home, be sleep deprived but also getting ready to pick up and move. Ugh. They should understand.
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  • Oops, also meant to add that its not the best idea to have a bunch of visitors prior to your LO having their shots either. ;-)

    Another great reason (excuse) to have them wait.
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    Pregnancy #1 EDD 1/20/13, D&C for unexplained miscarriage at 12w
    Pregnancy #2 EDD 8/28/2013, Carson was born on 6/28/2013 at 31w - spent 37 days in the NICU
  • We'll most likely be doing a transatlantic PCS sometime in the first 4-5 months, and to be honest this kind of terrifies me -- mostly because it takes SO LONG for HHGs to be shipped, so we'll have to be really careful about what we take with us.   

    I would be very wary of moving within a month of your due date.  What if you deliver late?    As long as you have a plan, then I think you'll be okay.   I would make sure your H's gaining unit is aware of the new baby and due date issues, so they will be prepared in case things need to slip a little bit.  If your parents are the super-helpful sort, you might consider having them there to help with the move.  Sometimes just an extra set of hands to take care of stuff while you hold/feed the baby is really helpful.    
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  • There's a lot of great advice here. We've only had one move (without a newborn- TN to HI) and it was stressful enough. I would definitely have a backup plan in case you deliver late, which shouldn't be too difficult if it's only a three hour drive.

    Like others have said, definitely have everything set with the movers and set aside everything you'll want to keep with you. Some of the extra things we stocked up on were paper plates, plasticware, one pot and pan, trash bags, etc. I'm sure you won't want to worry about cleanup with a newborn! Also, it might be helpful to have family visit after the move. They could help unpack or visit with baby so you can rest. Good luck to you guys, and hope the move goes well!
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  • I'll be PCSing with a newborn too but, ours is going to be from Japan to FL and I will have my two dogs too! Gonna be interesting... I'm going to let the Navy move us and just not stress the rest of it, because I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack just thinking about moving so soon after baby is born...

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  • I was due 11/27 and LO arrived 11/21 and DH was due to check in no later than 12/14! We were in the very same boat and were also only a few hours from our new duty station. We did a DITY move and he moved me down a month earlier and he came and visited me on the weekends. This worked really well for us! Good luck to you!!
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  • @amer1107 I am in a similar situation. I am moving from Va to Bahrain 2 months after giving birth with 2 big dogs! I'm terrified! Good luck!!
  • Hi everyone! I'm new to the board. I'm only 6 weeks now, but it looks like we will be in the same situation. I am due 9/2, and we will likely PCS in September or October... no clue where we will be going yet.
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    I'll be on the other end of the spectrum, moving in May/June and I'm due mid-July. It's not my first rodeo (4th PCS in what will be 6 years) so I'm not too stressed. I'm just hoping for a healthy pregnancy so I can safely make the move.
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  • I'm in a very similar situation. I'm currently 19 weeks and we found out last week that he is on orders. His current orders have his DEROS date 12 days before my due date and we are moving from Alaska to New York. This is our first baby and I'm really freaking out. He tried to file for a 90 day extension to allow us to not have to clear our of everything so close to our due date, but we found out yesterday that was denied. He thinks that we are out of options and will have to live in a hotel with our 2 dogs until I'm cleared to fly. I'm moderately high risk with this pregnancy due to a heart condition and was told by my ob that I'm not allowed to travel until 2 weeks after she is born. The Army is definitely moving us as I refuse to consider a DITY move at this time, especially with the distance. The only positive thing right now is that he currently has enough leave built up that if he takes the whole amount then he won't have to check in at the new station until the baby is 6 weeks or so. Any advise/tips would be great on how to handle this whole thing.
  • @au441208 Wow.  You are in for an adventure -- I'm so sorry for the timing of it all!  Any move would be tough in that circumstance, but Alaska to NY?!?  I haven't gone though it yet, but all the advice I've been given has centered on being as organized as possible.  Make lists, pack the things that you'll want with you too early, and then make more lists.  The lists will not only help you be more prepared (by thinking through everything ahead of time) but will also make you feel more in control of an out of control situation.  Good luck!  I'm about 10 weeks ahead of you, so if I get through it and have some brilliant epiphany about ways to make it more manageable I'll let you know!

    Me: 33, HSG & b/w normal; partial septate uterus   DH: 33, SA good but low morphology (3%)
    Started trying to make a baby Apr'12    Aug'13 DX: Unexplained Infertility
    Sept'13: 50mg Clomid + IUI #1 (13m + 11m post wash) CDs 11&12 + 200mg progesterone 3x daily = BFP!     Beta 16dpIUI = 391 EDD 6.14.14 Delivered 6.13.14
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  • @DagnyDoo please let me know if you have any epiphany's! I'm going to talk to my husband tonight about trying for a temporary EFMP saying I have to stay here until after the baby is born. I confirmed with my OB doctor today that I'm actually high risk due to a medical condition I have and complications I just started having from it. I'm trying to make lists of what she should buy for her, what we need to keep with us for us and what can wait until we get to the new station. If you have any suggestions on what should go on those lists that would be much appreciated as well.

  • I will have to PCS when my first baby will be 2-3 months old. Just planning on taking a lot of extra leave after maternity leave so all our affairs are in order. Will rely on my husband to pull his weight in planning the move together.
  • We were supposed to PCS this month overseas. Preterm labor had the doctors telling me I wasn't flying anywhere, so now we're moving overseas about 6 weeks after these twins are born. It's a wee bit insane. With it being 3 hours away, I'd start working on finding a new place or getting on the base housing list early. Look for Facebook boards for other moms there that you can meet up with and get support from. And save up leave so you're not in a new place with a new baby navigating it alone.
  • I have heard of people getting pcs extended times due to births. It does have to be approved by both commands. He might want to talk to his chief or whoever he would to see if it's possible.

    Have your parents around to help. They can either help with baby or be an extra set of eyes and just parents.

    When driving away best to do right after a feeding. That way they will sleep during the three hour drive.
  • You can always file an extension for 30 days or so. That will give you a bit more time to get organized. Definitely use the movers, that would take a huge stress off of you. As far as family I say use them! You will need the help.
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