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MFW question

I keep going back and forth between MFW and sonlight. My friend uses SL and looooves it.i do like what I see, but it is so expensive. So I am looking at mfw (again). Dd1 is doing k4 a beka right now. She is on the brink of reading and is advancing very well. We are starting math u see primer this month. Now matter what we will be sticking with it. So, if I do go with mfw, do I get kindergarten or first grade?? It seems like the k work will be to young for her, but I'm not sure if she is ready for first, maturity wise. Any thoughts?

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Re: MFW question

  • She sounds too advanced for MFW K.  It is a lot more like Pre-K and I'm having to supplement with separate math and phonics books (we're halfway through the year now and I just wrote a review in my blog).  I also have MFW 1 and have been through the curriculum - we supplemented with the phonics work from MFW 1 this year and just finished it.  The phonics work is great for an emerging reader.  With MFW 1 you'll probably have to supplement math.  MFW 1 is much more work for the student than MFW K and covers more subjects.  It is mostly based on Biblical work, whereas MFW K is all about fun themes, which have a little bit of Bible work thrown in, but are mostly about fun arts and crafts and the animal/plant topic being covered.  MFW 1 has daily Bible work and devotionals, so if your child can read and write, she should do fine with your help.  I guess if I were you, I would go with MFW 1.
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