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7m 2w old n dsnt crawl

7m 2w old n dsnt crawl.. he dsnt even roll over.. He loves to stand up.. is very active.. talks a lot.. dsnt take any solids.. only bf.. I started solids since he turned 5.. he tasted everything but refused to continue on any foods.. so is totally bf.. M trying veggi soups now.. takes very little at times .. tats it.. Plz suggest

Re: 7m 2w old n dsnt crawl

  • There's nothing wrong with a 7 month old not crawling yet. 7 months is very early to crawl, actually...most babies learn between 7-10 months. So I wouldn't worry one tiny bit that he's not crawling yet. If he's standing, he may not be interested in getting back down on the ground to crawl just yet.

    And the AAP recommends waiting until at least 6 months to start solids, so I wouldn't say it's unusual that he's not interested in them yet. Just let him go at his own pace. If you're incredibly concerned, I'd talk to your pediatrician.
  • My daughter skipped crawling and went straight to walking. As long as he's active and alert I wouldn't worry too much.
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  • Keep introducing foods even foods he has rejected. It can take a while to get used to it. Also try some things he can feed himself, some kids do better with that than being spoon fed.

    Give him lots of tummy time so he can practice and get more muscles in his core :)

    I agree that there is nothing to worry about but keep giving him the chance to work on it!
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