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Anyone taking a baby moon?

I would love to take one before baby comes since this is our 4th and I could always use a get away! Are you planning one? If so where too? I am not sure where to go but somewhere warm would be nice! I live in the Pacific Northwest and its cold!

Re: Anyone taking a baby moon?

  • Yes and no... my husband is headed to Washington state in the middle of April for a 2 day meeting, so I am going to go with him and we are going to spend about 3 extra days there just the two of us. This will be our third so I agree, I could always use a getaway (although the Bahamas would have been nice...  :-* )
  • We are! We are planning a trip either February or March. Looking at Thailand or St. Lucia. We are so dang excited for it! We never had a honeymoon because our wedding was a destination wedding, so this is going to be really special for us.

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  • We just went on our honeymoon (and exhausted most of our disposable vacation time) but I think we are going to take a weekend trip. Since I'm in the Midwest I don't think I'll get away from the cold....bummer!

  • We are!! Hubby wanted to go to France- but since I can't drink wine or eat soft cheese, I vetoed that ;). We are now looking at Hawaii.
  • I would live to take one but not sure if we will have the time pretty busy on weekends for us. Maybe we will do a couple of date nights sometimes that is just at nice.
  • I am trying to convince DH I need a trip to Vegas to eat crepes at the Paris hotel!!!! My fingers are crossed for March.

    We just left Florida with our DDs (Disney and stayed at the Waldorf Resort) so I'm praying he will want to take me to Vegas before #3!!!!
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  • We are! I'm doing a term in Germany starting Friday and DH is going to join me for the last ~11 days and we're going to do the tourist thing.

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  • @ladymacaron - H and I went to St. Lucia about 3 years ago and loved it!! The beaches are beautiful and it's so relaxing!!

    We had supposedly taken our babymoon in early December (we went to Ireland) but after the recent snow storm, H is convinced we need a "beachy" vacation either late March or early April. We've been looking at Aruba, St. Lucia, Key West, or the Bahamas. I'm so excited because while I loved Ireland, I secretly wanted a warm vacation prior to the baby coming. 
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  • @AandJ28 - That's good to hear! What time of year did you go? We have heard mixed things about Feb/March.

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  • Kinda. End of Feb we're taking a family vacay to Florida, visiting my In-laws. DH and I plan to take an overnight away while there. :)


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  • I might have to go to New Orleans for work at the end of March. If so, hubby will come join me on the last day of my meetings and then we'll stay the weekend. If not, we will probably "staycation" in FL...maybe the west coast or St. Augustine. 
  • So jealous of all you going to these tropical places! We're going to Vegas, the place that screams Anti-child ;)
  • We live in the PNW and ae hoping to go to Hawaii in February. I'm hoping work will give me the time off.
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  • Yes! We live in the Caribbean so we're doing something different but not too far. We've been visiting far away places the past few years. Taking a break :-D

    We are planning a few trips:
    In two weeks, Royal Isabela Puerto Rico. Each room has a pool (yay!) and is on a cliff that overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

    We are going to Savannah, GA for 5 days in April. Already planning that :)

    Not babymoon but STMs, I need input:

    And here's something, DH won a trip in September - resort in the Caribbean. 2 months post baby... I wonder if we'll be able to do that.

    Then, 7 months post baby I'm running a marathon in Orlando. I hope baby can come.

  • Probably. Before we found out we were pregnant we already had a trip booked to Hawaii and Mexico that we took the last quarter of the year. So likely we'll just do a long weekend in Scottsdale before it gets insanely hot there.

  • I'd love to take a trip somewhere tropical but DH will be in the throes of his busy season at work through the end of March. My doctor already told me that my cutoff for traveling is March 15, so we likely won't be able to squeeze one in. If anything, we'll try for a long weekend in Charleston since he'll be down there working with several clients.
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  • @ladymacaron - we went the first week in April (3rd - 7th) and it was perfect! It rained overnight and was beautiful every day. We stayed at the Ginger Lily Hotel. It's an adults-only hotel and while it's not an all-inclusive resort, it was beautiful and right across the street from a gorgeous beach. It was within walking distance to many restaurants and shopping. Every day a little boat would pull up to the beach with fresh fruit (mango, pineapple) and they would slice it for you - $1/fruit. The water was perfect and the locals were so friendly. We took a full island tour which was awesome and visited the hot springs in the Pitons. Such a beautiful island! 
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  • We are both huge baseball fans, so we're going to Spring Training in Arizona in March.  DH wants one more baby-free vacation to Mexico, so we'll probably spend a week in Playa Mujeres (at the Excellence) or somewhere near playa del carmen. 


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  • Oh man, I would love to. Sadly, between having two other kids and building a pricey addition onto our home this year, it just isn't in the cards for us. We're thinking of taking a long weekend trip possibly with all the kids at some point over the summer while I'm on leave but we're not positive about that yet.
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  • We would like to take a weekend or an overnight trip somewhere close by. We won't go on an elaborate vacation.
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  • We went to Miami in December for our babymoon/hubby 's birthday and it was warm and awesome!!! I was 15 weeks! If you have a chance to go you should totally do it! The hotel even sent us baby balloons and chocolates :)
  • We are!  DH had a ton of frequent flyer miles leftover from a bunch of business trips to Japan.  We are flying to Florida (we live in PA) and spending two days in St. Augustine and two days with my aunt and uncle in Flagler.  My grandmas gave me Christmas money which covered the bed and breakfast, so basically we just have to pay for any food/excursions.  I am grateful to get a chance to get away before the babies come!  
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  • We already had a Vegas tripped booked for February, so thst is becoming our baby moon :)
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    We are about to research what is available with our timeshare.  Baby crashed our original wedding (destination wedding on 6-21-14--obviously near impossible for a June 2014 mama) so we decided recently to get married privately soon and then have a reception/celebration in about a year with family and friends. 

    So, we are going to look for a getaway that will have an option for a nice private inexpensive ceremony. (suggestions?)

    We actually had what we called our pre-moon last summer when we went to Hawaii and just spent the holiday with my family in the FL keys so we don't feel we want a big splurge--just something relaxing and romantic.

    My fiance is planning on going on a pre-baby guys weekend (basically his bachelor party) to New Orleans or Vegas.  I think I will not do much in that regard. 

    My only concern is the flight...I was SO uncomfortable on the flight to visit family at Christmas.  I felt so scrunched in the seat--like my stomach was pushing into my chest.  I went cheap by using Spirit Airlines.  On the way back, the seats didn't even have the option to recline.  I thought I was going to die of heartburn caused by sitting in that position for so long.  Buyer Beware on pregnant flying with Spirit Airlines...

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  • Asheville, NC end of Jan and FL Keys or W Coast FL in a couple months
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  • We want to but we don't have a huge budget for something like that. We will probably just do a weekend away somewhere within 5 hours of here.
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  • We aren't planning on a babymoon, but I will be going solo to NYC next month to visit my cousin for a long weekend. It's my birthday present to myself!! :D Maybe we can do a weekend away since DH is saving his vacation time for when the baby arrives!
  • If we can swing it with his schedule, I'd love to take a mini-baby moon as just a few days over spring break in March. We'll probably just do something within an easy driving distance-maybe a cabin or b&b? Sadly nothing tropical is in the cards this year :(

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  • We're still thinking about it. If we do go, we would do a long weekend to Toronto to check out the new aquariums (about 3 hour drive from here). But we'll see once it gets closer and how the budget looks..

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  • We are!!! Actually leaving on Saturday :) My sister in law is actually getting married so we are going to Punta Cana for a week!!! It was perfect timing since we had to go anyway- so now this will be our baby moon!
  • We are taking a 5 night cruise with stops in Grand Cayman and Ochos Rios Jamaica, the last week in February. So excited to get out of the cold in WI, especially after spending the day freezing my ass off at Lambeau field!
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  • We have a timeshare so we are going to Massanutten resort in the mountains in Virginia. Snow, fires, and I plan on spa -ing it up with some massages and pedicures :)
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  • I really wanted to do a baby moon but DH will be starting a new job and I'm not sure if he'll be able to take vacation days soon. Might have to settle for a long weekend somewhere.. Maybe MI in April.
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  • We are taking a mini-vaca but not sure where. My husband is super busy with work so it will be somewhere within driving distance plus it will be our first trip away from our daughter so we'll stay close. We went to Savannah before she was born and had a blast! I can't wait for it a weekend away...and to sleep in !!

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  • We are planning to go to Puerto Rico in March. We were originally going to go there the weekend after our wedding but couldn't because of Hurricane Sandy. We decided to go somewhere else for our honeymoon in the spring last year and make PR our babymoon instead.
  • We were supposed to go to Disney World in February and then found out I was pregnant, and since I'm a ride fanatic we decided to wait for that. We are planning a trip the first week of December to go to Williamsburg, VA. It's one of my favorite places and will be super easy to do with an almost 6 month old.

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    MrsRahl said:

    We have a timeshare so we are going to Massanutten resort in the mountains in Virginia. Snow, fires, and I plan on spa -ing it up with some massages and pedicures :)

    Ohhhh. Looking this up......
    Oops. Timeshare.
  • I'd like to ask a (maybe) dumb question. My insurance policy (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) says I have zero out of network coverage. Does that mean if I'm out of state and God forbid something happen, nothing would be covered? That's the only thing holding me back from taking a babymoon. TIA!
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  • We took an early Babymoon between Christmas and New Years.  We left the teenagers home and DH and I went to Niagara Falls, Ontario for the weekend.  It was super cool to see the ice formations along the river.  We splurged and got a room that over looked the falls too.  It was a nice quick getaway.

    I wont be doing any traveling at all after 24 weeks due to prior history and the only time we could both be off was in December. 

    Plus, as a bonus...we are going to be in France next December for Christmas to introduce LO to DHs family.    So we are trying to put away a little more money for that trip.
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  • I'd like to ask a (maybe) dumb question. My insurance policy (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) says I have zero out of network coverage. Does that mean if I'm out of state and God forbid something happen, nothing would be covered? That's the only thing holding me back from taking a babymoon. TIA!
    @melody7878 I'm no expert on insurance, but I believe you would still be covered if you go to any hospital out of state that accepts BCBS insurance.  I'm pretty sure out of network just means you can see drs that don't accept your plan.  I don't believe that insurance is restricted to your state of residence.
    Thank you! I will give them a call in the next day or so and report back what I find. :-)
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