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Indianapolis IU Methodist Labor and Delivery Experiences?

We are looking into having our little one at IU Methodist in Indianapolis, come February =)


We went and took a look today and I was pretty impressed. Anyone have any experiences that they can share with me about this hospital, whether negative or positive?


I'm really leaning towards a midwife and a water birth, or at least laboring in the water. Our last birthing experience wasn't exactly negative, but there was a lot of possibly unnecessary intervention, and I feel like a midwife and water birth might be right for us this time =) 

Any info would be appeciated!

Re: Indianapolis IU Methodist Labor and Delivery Experiences?

  • Thanks! I hope our experience goes just as well.
  • I just delivered there a week ago today! However, I didn't use the tubs or a midwife. It was a good experience. The nurses were all very supportive and I truly liked every nurse I had throughout my stay. I also liked having the Lactation Consultant at the hospital - she stopped by a couple of times and I felt like it really helped us get a good start on breastfeeding. I would have no hesitations in delivering our next child there.
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  • I delivered both of my kids there but did not use a tub or midwife. I had great experiences both times. The nursing staff was helpful but not intrusive, and the LCs were excellent. Good luck!


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  • I had my daughter there in 2010.  The CNMs there were supportive of my decisions and really working with me in wanting a natural birth.  The nursing staff was also supportive and were even willing to come in and do fetal checks with a doppler because I didn't want continuous monitoring.  I was never able to get into a tub because the rooms w/ tubs were occupied.  Their policy doesn't allow water birth, just laboring in the tub.  They expect you to get out to actually deliver the baby.  
    Our postpartum night-shift nurse was wonderful but our daytime experience was horrible.  Because its a teaching hospital, we had a parade of doctors (interns, residents, and attendings), nurses and student nurses, then the lactation consultant had to squeeze in there at some point too.  The intern would wake us up at 5am and I wouldn't get to eat breakfast until almost 11am (which made it hard to get to know our baby and learn how to breastfeed!).  I'm expecting our second baby in January and I'll be going elsewhere this time around!

    I hope that not everyone has this experience there!  Good luck with your pregnancy and birth!
    New mom to a beautiful baby girl, born 11-14-10. BF for first 6 weeks, currently trying to relactate.
  • I had a GREAT experience at IU Methodist. I had a midwife (Shane Ping, she's amazing) and also labored in the birthing tub. The nurses and staff were all very nice and supportive. I hope you have the same experience I did :)
  • I just had my son here on July 20 and he was my first. Overall I was very pleased with my experience here. I had wanted to do the water as well but I was already at 5 when I was in triage and after all the questions, urine sample, and being hooked up to the monitors I forgot to say anything lol but still I forgot my birth plan but whatever I decided to do they were very supportive. The nurse I had through my most intense contractions (so bad I asked for the epidural... She was there for that too) was awesome her name was Nicole! She coached me through them no matter how much I just wanted to wallow and cry lol. Then when it came time to delivery I was asked if a student could be involved I was never intruded on without mypermission. The door nurse is strict about having your number badges though... My husband forgot his once and the nurse wasn't going to let him in so bless his heart he did get rude with him but she remembered him and was understanding because my dad ended up in the ER at the same time (but that's a different story) and knew he was stressed. After baby when we were moved to mother and baby unit they were supportive of me trying to breastfeed, allowed all the visitors I could handle, were very helpful, non-intrusive, and the cafeteria does have certain hours but i ordered whatever I wanted when I wanted. They always knocked before entering my room. WIC came to me while I was in the hospital. They took my baby to the treatment room for a few hours at night only when I requested them too so I could rest. And they were very friendly to me and all my family and friends as well. Then when it was time to leave we had help with all our stuff and as we went back through the labor and delivery the nurses who helped me congratulated us and were so happy to see my baby. They helped us strapped him in and I left smiling :). When and if I have another child I wouldn't hesitate to use Methodist again! Good Luck and Congratulations Mommy!!!
  • Just want to say hi my name is Jessica 2
  • Kaseydw89 my little girl b-day is 07-20-2011
  • Does anyone know the differences in options between North and Methodist?  Are there CNMs at North also?  Whirlpool laboring options?  Thanks!
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