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Opinion of Yoder Birth Center?

I'm planning on having #2 at the Birth and Women's Center in Yoder. Wondering if anyone else has used them and how was your experience. I've heard only good things about them so far.

Re: Opinion of Yoder Birth Center?

  • I do not personally have an experience but one of my close friends had her first through Yoder and she said they were great :)
  • Very interested!  Please let me know how it goes/went?


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  • Dianne, so far it's been a good experience. My due date is about 2 1/2 weeks away, so can't tell you about the birth part yet, but appointments have been quick and easy. Less invasive than the doctor's office. Probably helps that this is the 2nd one for me though. I'm looking forward to being able to eat during this labor, as at the hospital they don't!
  • I went to New Birth Company and had a complication and had to switch to a hospital. AND Still have not had my deposit returned!! Horrible experience with their billing department. Very disappointed.
  • @yellowlily2013 Tell us more! I really wanted to go to NBC but hubby pushed for hospital, so we're going with SMMC instead. What did you like/did not like? Just the billing situation was negative?
  • The pros: I really liked the "natural" aspect of it all. Learning how to try and manage pain and not jumping straight to meds for every little thing.

    The bad: The billing is such a disaster I cannot recommend it. I can't stand Kendra and my son is almost 6 months old and still am owed 800$ + and they have refused to talk to us about billing "because its too complicated" hmmm I think I can make my own decision on that.

    Billing aside. You see a different midwife each time.. This can be a pro or con. You only get one ultrasound if all is normal. They don't open until 9am so sometimes appts can be tricky if you wanted to do it at the start of day (I usually go to work at 8.. So if didn't make sense to go in for 45 mins before an am appt) not a big deal? Just pick another time right?? Well not for the glucose test! Waiting until after 9 when you usually wake up at 6 was torture since I was fasting. Ugh.

    They staff was pretty nice -- and would recommend if you were in network. Being out of network has caused a majority of the issues.
  • I'm sorry to hear they're giving you the run-around :/ They are in-network for us... but it almost sounds like my gig might be better. I see the same midwife for the whole pregnancy, and she said she attends 90% of her patients' births. Hoping for a very low-intervention hospital birth, so I'll be sure to share my review for a natural birth at SMMC in July. Hope you get your money, Yellow, can't believe they've held onto it that long.
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    Araecasey, does SMMC actually have a "natural" birthing center in it? I'm not pregnant yet, but we'll probably be trying here within the next couple of months, and I'm just doing some research on options! I don't hate the idea of being in a hospital when I deliver, but I don't want all the interventions! I want to be able to do what feels right! I don't want to be nailed to a bed with an IV the whole time!
  • @JLYoung08 SMMC's birth center isn't natural per se... my midwife told me their rate of epidural is 99% lol. BUT the birth center itself is designed to accommodate a natural birth experience. This means they have jetted tubs to labor in, they have wireless fetal monitors that don't prohibit movement during labor, they have squat bars on the beds (which means you don't have to push lying flat on your back, you can choose what position you deliver in), they have birth balls and birthing stools, the lights dim, the medical equipment is discreetly hidden, they have no limit to the number of people you can have in your room, they support midwifery and doula care, they have lactation consultants available 24/7, they strongly encourage skin-to-skin contact after birth, the nurses allow you to drink juices rather than just munch ice chips while you labor... So their facility is designed for natural births, but I think most women still go for births with heavy interventions there. I will be having my midwife and a doula with me to help keep my birth experience as natural as possible, and from what I've heard that's what can make or break a natural birth experience in a hospital. 

    My midwife and I have already discussed the natural birth biggies and have a plan we're comfortable with. I'll have a heplock placed in case there's an emergency but won't have an IV hooked up to it unless needed. We won't discuss induction until 42 weeks, and she says she only uses pitocin on a handful of her patients per year--only when medically necessary. She's also allowing me to eat during my labor! I can't recommend her enough, plus her bedside manner is phenomenal.

    New Birth Company (a free-standing all-natural birth center in OP) actually sends their transfer patients to SMMC, which makes me feel even better about my choice. Good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions.
  • @araecasey what provider do you see?
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  • I see Jeane Ward at Women's Health Care Group.
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