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Recommendations for OB GYN in Philadelphia? (Pennsy or Abington)

Hi all--I am newly pregnant and have been going to Penn Fertility Care for the past two years.  All of my doctors are within the Penn healthcare system and I'm leaning towards staying within it for an OB GYN.  My RE recommended PennCare (at 8th and Spruce).  I work in Center City so this is convenient for prenatal appointments.  I live in the burbs (in Elkins Park) so it would be a short ride to the city when I deliver, but I'm overall ok with this.

Others have recommended delivering at Abington--because it guarantees a private room and is a bit more catering towards the new mom and family.  This would be inconvenient for prenatal appointments but convenient for delivery.  I don't know any doctors there and have no experience with Abington hospital.

Any Philly-area moms have an opinion about this?  Thanks in advance!
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Re: Recommendations for OB GYN in Philadelphia? (Pennsy or Abington)

  • If you consider that the majority of your time spent with your OB will be at your monthly/weekly appointments, I think it might be in your best interest to stick with a practice downtown. I can't speak to PennCare, but I liked most of the doctors at Abington Primary Women's Healthcare Group (they have an office at Abington Hospital, and another office in Willow Grove back by the Sam's Club). I personally can't rave about delivering at Abington (others can), but I'll deliver there again when it comes down to it.
  • I go to Women's Care who has offices in Abington at the hospital and in Willow Grove.  I personally go to the Willow Grove office because I'm in Warminster.  I like all of the Drs and CRNPs I've met so far, and receptionists are pretty good too.  My regular GYN for the past 3 years is Dr Klemens.  I haven't felt uncomfortable with any of them, and even my husband said that he likes how "normal" the Drs are and talk to you like you're a real person.
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  • I go to Penn OB/GYN and Midwifery at the Curtis Center (they are moving soon to a different building) in Center City and have been really happy with them.  I have seen both Dr. Salva and various midwives and really like the practice.  Am delivering soon at Pennsylvania Hospital so can't speak to that that, but have talked to friends who delivered there and were happy with it.
  • I delivered at Pennsylvania hospital in April and had a wonderful experience. I loved all of my nurses, and wouldn't change my doctor. Dr. Shawl is my obgyn, and he is wonderful!
  • I go to PennCare for women. I used Dr Renbaum. She is awesome. I have seen Kolecki on a couple occasions and she is wonderful as well. Pennsy maternity will be all private rooms this fall so it might not be an issue depending on when you are due. I had a wonderful experience at Pennsy. The nurses were amazing and so were the doctors.
    I've had friends who delivered at Abington and they had great experiences.
  • I go to Dr. Renee Anderson at Pennsy 8th and Spruce. She and her staff are wonderful so far! I think they moved their office to 8th and Walnut recently
  • I currently go to women and childrens ob/gyn and honestly hate it but for some reason have been too lazy to switch over to the location at 8th and spruce that I love ( only been there for U/S. But yes I took the tour at Penn Hospital and as of Nov 2013 they will have all private rooms set up so I would stick to Downtown location. Im due NOV 22nd so I am thrilled I made it just in time for the new private rooms :) now hopefully I make it into one of the birthing suites and Ill be golden 
  • Abington hospital is really good. I delivered my first there at 31 weeks and they were sooo good with everything. From the doctors, the regular nurses and the NICU staff...everyone was wonderful. All their rooms are private and family friendly; my hubby stayed with me every night because of the high risk delivery, and they catered to him also. My OB is Dr.Fonslick at Abington OB/GYN. They have late hours. Hope this helps.

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