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Question for Bedrest Mamas

Quick question.
Do any of you use compression/anti-embolism stockings?
I'm on week 5 of bedrest and my legs are pretty sore and sometimes crampy so Dh bought me some stockings from CVS but they were really pricey!! Lol I know you have to pay for quality but it was definitely a case of sticker shock.
So I was just interested in what kind of stockings y'all are using if your using any at all... also what have your Dr's said about use? I don't see my doc until next week so any info you have would be appreciated. TIA
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Re: Question for Bedrest Mamas

  • Im not on strict bedrest but i when i was working i didnt have a problem with swelling and put on stockings, i got them from amazon.
  • i'm on hospital bed rest and they gave me these things for my lower legs that inflate and deflate. i'm supposed to wear them for a minimum of 4 hours a day.

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  • Do calf pumps to prevent blood clots

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