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Drinking and csection?

Is it okay to have a few glasses of wine 1 week and a couple days post csection? I am not talking any pain meds the last few days. I am just taking iron and folic acid an vitamin c since I hemoraged during the surgery.

Re: Drinking and csection?

  • Why wouldn't it be?
  • Yeah i also dont know why it wouldnt be ok...i had a glass of wine last night and im even still on pain meds...
  • It's fine. I even had a glass of wine during my pain meds...not 6 feet under. Now a bottle of vodka and the rest of your Percocet...that would be an issue.
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  • I'd like to point out that I didn't "suggest" combining pain meds and alcohol.

    My hospital served DH and I a champagne and steak dinner out last night there. The steak sucked, the sides sucked, and the two small bottles of champagne are sitting in my fridge.
    They brought it to me after serving me 2 OxyContin and 6 Percocet earlier in the day. I'm thinking it's not totally the end of the world.
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    That's just how I roll...
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