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its friday!

Anyone interested in doing some sort of friday check in for new years resolutions? Any other ideas for weekley discussions besides our weekley aw and terrific tuesday?

Re: its friday!

  • I'm still trying to get beyond the "It's Friday!"  3 more hours and I'm off for 5 days.  *happy dance*

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  • Friday after being off Wednesday and Thursday makes it feel like a Monday, but at least tomorrow is Saturday... mid-week holidays are so disorienting.
  • I agree! We only had Wednesday off though. And same for next week. So it's very weird
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  • Yes, it is.  Back to work today and it feels like Monday.  And my feet are still freezing because they didn't plow at day care and I had to haul DD and all her stuff through a foot of snow.  Good times!!

  • I was driving 30mph to daycare and then to work and it felt like I was driving 90mph compared to some of the people on the road.  I never understand how people forget how to drive in the snow!!  Slow and steady, sure but not 15mph.  The roads aren't THAT bad! At least not compared to the NE U.S.... @tig594 where abouts do you live?  I'm in the midwest and we've got about a foot or so of snow, but I hear that the NE got more than that and will be getting about a foot or so more in the next couple of hours
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  • Its balls cold here in minnesota
  • I'm in SW Michigan.  We got about a foot yesterday but it was "fake" snow so it was super easy to shovel.  

    And yeah, Minnesota sucks.  I went there once in the winter.  Don't open the window in your car while driving or your snot will just freeze right up.  Ugh!

  • The high is negative three today
  • Oh fuck! Lol my friends are complaining that the high 15°, I'm just fine with it. When it gets into single digits or negatives, then I'm like "fuck this shit!"
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  • Negative three is like okay. Thank god idont smoke any more but we can make quick trips
  • Oh god, I'm so glad I don't smoke anymore. It's too cold to smoke and especially with my cold, it's too hard to breathe LOL
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  • The cold makes me glad i dont but i was laying in bed craving a malbro smooth. They were my vice while sick other wise it was all cowboy killers.

    I still jonse in the way it would be nice to be able to step away and take a breather when ds is being difficult
  • Are you SURE it's not Monday?  I'm seriously wanting to spork some people in the face today.   ~X(

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