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Is this supposed to take this long?

I'm a FTM. My LO is 10 days old and I'm feeding him with a nipple shield. We're feeding about every three hours and it takes about 45 minutes each session--I do one breast per session. That 45minutes includes though burping and his pauses. 

I realize this will vary baby to baby but I'm just curious if this is typical of newborns?

Re: Is this supposed to take this long?

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  • yes. my lo was the same way.
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  • Totally normal. They get faster. My son took about that long at first. Now he eats for about 10-15 minutes. He's 4 months.
  • Yup, normal. I felt like all I did in the beginning was nurse. They get much more efficient as they get older.
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  • Totally normal my little guy was nursing 60 mins per session every 2 hours, sometimes a bit longer if he was sleepy. Now we seem to be down to 20-30 mins every 2-3 hours and he just turned 9 weeks yesterday. Seems weird now, I am worrying if he is nursing long enough lol 
  • All three of mine nursed that long in the beginning. It gets faster.

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    At that age, it is very typical.  It will get shorter as the baby gets more efficient the meantime, consider the long nursing sessions a excuse to put your feet up.  Sit back and read a book or watch some TV.  :)
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  • AmyG* said:

    If baby is taking a long time at the breast and is using a nipple shield, I would get it checked out to be sure with a LC.  do a weighted feeding to see how much baby is taking in at the breast, becasue sometimes baby will be struggling to get enough with the shield and will take forever to nurse.  so get that checked to be sure it's just a normal baby taking a long time to nurse.

    This. We had troubles with weight gain as our LO wasn't transferring well with the shield. While this does sound normal, since you are using the shield it is better to be safe the sorry.
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  • I used a shield at first, and it took that long easily. At two weeks old she was 2lbs up from her birth weight.
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  • Sounds exactly like what we were doing 6weeks ago ;) keep up the good work!

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