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Weaning nursing question

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So here is my schedule as of now. I nurse in the am at 7am, pump at 10 and 2 while I am at work and nurse at home around 6:30 and before bed at 8ish. I want to start transitioning to formula. Where would you start as far as decreasing pumping and nursing?
Also, LO doesn't sleep fully through the night. She sleeps from about 8-2am and then back down til I get her up.

Re: Weaning nursing question

  • And drop one session at a time, just like you would when weaning, and in your case give formula (or a formula/breast milk mix) to replace the nursing session. I'd drop the pumping sessions first, as pumping is no fun.
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  • I am not sure you will find much info here. This board is more breastfeeding support to increase supply to continue, wean off formula, or weaning once your body no longer is producing really much of any milk.

    When I had a huge over supply I took the advice of those on the board and cut back pumping a minute every few days to lower my supply. Maybe that would work?

    Not really true... Weaning is a big part of breastfeeding because everyone has to do it eventually and a topic often discussed on here - whether weaning when older and formula is not needed or weaning to formula, its all breastfeeding-relevant and the reasons behind wanting to wean (whether body not producing milk, baby/toddler-led or due to personal preference is irrelevant)

    I've personally never weaned to formula (we are still breastfeeding), but there are plenty of women on here who have and can hopefully give you some tips.

    My best suggestion from what I've heard is to slowly start mixing formula/breastmilk for the worktime feedings (25/75, then 50/50, then 75/25, then 100% formula). Slowly start decreasing the amount of time you pump during the day if you are concerned about engorgement or just stop pumping once LO is on 100% formula if engorgement is not a concern.

    Once you are off the pump at work, you can decide what you want to do about the actual nursing at home. You might try having SO give bottles in place of those feedings at home with you not there if LO is struggling with wanting to nurse when you are present or refusing a bottle from you. I'm not sure how old your LO is which changes how you wean from nursing quite a bit (a 2 month old can't follow you around and pull up your shirt like a mobile 10 month old can...)

    Thank you so much. My little one is 6 months old. I really wanted to Nurse as long as I could but I hate hate hate pumping and it's making me dislike nursing all together. My LO will take a body from anyone and any kind of bottle at that. She isn't picky!
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