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Question to the STM who work out - what did you look like 1 mo post baby?

Hi Ladies! For those of you who are avid exercisers, I was just curious how did you look 1 month after you delivered? I'm only asking because I am the MOH in a wedding which is literally 4 weeks after my EDD. Did you still look obviously pregnant? Or a little thick in the middle? We are in the process of nailing down the bridesmaid dresses and I have to order mine within the next couple weeks, but don't know if it's too risky to order only one size up? Should I be going up 2 sizes? Little background on me: I go to the gym 3-4x, I'm 5'6" and wear a size 4, should I be getting a 6 or an 8? I understand that after only mere weeks after delivery there is only so much bouncing back your body can do, but just want to set some realistic expectations for what's to come. Thanks!
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Re: Question to the STM who work out - what did you look like 1 mo post baby?

  • I'd go with an 8. I ran until 39w5d and still had a very doughy mid section 4 weeks pp. Also, due dates aren't guaranteed unless you have a csections scheduled. I was induced at 41w and LO wasn't born for another 3 days! I only say that because you might be less than 4 weeks pp.
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  • Definitely 8. Your boobs will be huge and stomach still a little squishy. You won't look pregnant but will be curvier than pre-pregnancy. I also agree you could easily be only 3 weeks post-partum. 10 might even be safer and get it altered...
  • I had lost most of the weight within a month (all but 2-4 lbs) but I only gained 25 lbs with each pregnancy. I exercised 5x a week and at ever healthy BUT I also think I had some help in the genes department:) I also had a wedding 4 weeks out and was up one size due to my huge boobs and hips were still widened...That being said, your boobs will likely be extra large at 4 weeks, no matter what! I would go with an 8- you can always take it in and it is better to have extra room that to feel uncomfortable or feel the pressure of having to fit into a dress after just having a baby! Good for you for staying active!
  • Thanks ladies!! This is extremely helpful. I don't know what the hell I was thinking just considering ordering only one size up. I'm a FTM, so clearly have no idea what to expect. Definitely will be sizing at least 2 sizes up!
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  • I would have been back in the 4.  Within a month I was pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy body.  
  • For the first couple months postpartum, I had an extra 20 pounds on me and then I started to lose the weight.  I didn't lose it all until 6-7 months.  Plus my bra size was much larger.  At 4 weeks, I was wearing wither maternity clothes or yoga pants all the time.

    It's better to go with a larger size as it's easier to adjust a larger dress but difficult to make a smaller one bigger.
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    Depends if you are breastfeeding. I gained 45lbs and lost 20lbs the first week. After 1 month I still had a pouch looked about 4 months preg. Btw I'm 5'7" and a size 4. Work out 2x per week when preg about 4x. I was easily back into my jeans at 1 month pp. but I about a size 6 at 1 month and back to size 4 at 2 months. To be safe I would get a size 6.
  • I think it really depends on individual and the shape of the dress. I was a size 0/2 (5'3") pre-pregnancy with my first, gained 40 but lost 30 by the third week PP. I could still fit into a lot of my per pregnancy clothes, just tighter. I'm also one of those whose boobs never got big during or post pregnancy so that was not a problem. I didn't lose the final 10 lbs until months later though.
  • i may be the horror story.  Size 2 pre baby size 12 for a couple months after delivery.....would probably go with the 10 to be sure. 

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