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New Year's Resolutions

I stole this post idea from Parenting. What are your 2014 resolutions?

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Re: New Year's Resolutions

  • Stress less, enjoy my family, make time for my friends and family, learn a craft/hobby, lose the last of the baby weight by being healthy!

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    My 2013 "resolution" was to be an all around happier person. Which I made happen. :)

    For 2014 I want to stay happy, enjoy life with hubby and baby, & get my condo on the market so I can start the process of building or buying my dream home.

    Eta: oh, and get back to crossfit by June! Lose the baby weight by September!
  • To lose the baby weight, get out more and explore all the sites in DC with LO.
  • My resolution is to make more time for my family. I'm kind of a workaholic and usually take all the OT I can get and this year I want to spend more time going on dates with my husband, and playing Legos and digging in the dirt with my boys. And to get a new mommy mobile. Honda odyssey here I come!
  • To be patient as a mom and a SO. To be healthy consistently. Less tv and more adventures outside. Pay off all our debt.
  • We really want to buy a house this summer, so first priority (besides being the best mom and wife I can be) is to put some extra money into our savings for a down payment.

    Other than that, I want to get back into my jcrew Winnie pants by the time I go back to work. I'm so close, I'm really looking forward to getting cleared for the gym.
  • My 2013 was to start making healthier food choices. Not to diet but to start a lifestyle change. I had lost 35lbs when I found out I was pregnant. I gained 26lbs during my pregnancy. So I guess my goal for 2014 is to lose the rest of my baby weight plus get back to a healthier lifestyle.
  • I'm planning to start working out again (we just got our gym membership last week) and attempting to get a decent body back after having two babies 11 months apart. Getting another vehicle and getting into a new house. Strengthening my marriage and getting us away from the baggage and/or temptation. Getting into a new, better paying job and spending as much time with my babies, friends, and being the best mother I can possibly be. Maybe start being a little more independent from the hubby, making some new friends, and finding some new hobbies. A lot to accomplish and get moving during the New Year!


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  • Lose the baby weight, find a new job, be the best mom to Cora and cherish the moments.
  • Mine is to cook better meals more often.
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  • I've been such an asshole for 33 years that for 2014 i just want to be an overall better person so I can set a good example for my little girl.

    This is hilarious and I love that you posted it and that it's a goal for you! :)


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  • I'm officially a SAHM which is surreal, but one of my goals is to make the best out of it because in a year I may go back working full time, not sure yet. I want to go back to being in shape and teaching yoga part time, it makes me happy and gets me out a bit. I hope to have lots of patience, spend time with just DH because I know how important that is, be the best mom I can be and keep my close relationships with my family and friends.


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  • I've decided to change my New Years resolution. It's to not murder my husband. I just overheard him telling mil on the phone that if she wanted to come up for a month she could stay at our house. Oh. Hell. NO.
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  • I have a crazy idea of completing an artwork each month, we'll see how that goes. But my goal of working with baby made excellent progress yesterday. I did a good amount of design work one handed on my lap top while breast feeding with the other. :) nice to achieve something
  • Mine are to not fail my spring classes (could only afford to take one semester off and still graduate on time, chose to do fall term off because of family commitments we have at the end of next fall semester. Really trying to maintain or bring up my 3.5 GPA, but with a newborn it's going to be a lot of work - back in classes next week), to get my butt back into weight watchers as soon as possible and attend meetings consistently, getting back in the gym by the end of January and getting a new routine going), do two 5K races this year, and to be the best parent I possibly can to my kids.

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  • I really just want to be healthy and energetic so I can be my best as a mother and person. I want to be a good and present Mom.

    As part of that I want to get back into healthy eating and exercising both for myself and to be a good role model got my boys.
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  • Run my first 5K and find a way to work full time and raise 2 girls without losing my mind

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  • I've got a major potty mouth, so my goal is to clean up my language.

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