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Did you end up getting A a trampoline for Christmas? If so, what does he think of it? I was really excited to see Jasper on his-- I thought he'd just love it since he jumps on/off/in/around Ev.Er.Y.Th.Innnnnng!!! but he's kinda iffy so far. 

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  • When he stands on it, he holds on to the handles, yes. He really won't even try jumping on it-- I think the fact that it feels a little unstable compared to the ground is maybe why he's hesitant. So far it has served no purpose other than a spot to sit and eat his snacks on. I think he feels cool being up a little higher lol. I also think if he saw another kid jumping he might 'get it', ya know? Unfortunately most of the other children we are around weigh more than the weight limit, so he hasn't really seen it in action.

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  • Butting in. Keagan got a trampoline last year for Christmas and Colby loves it. I won't admit how long he has been able to get on and off it by himself, but once he saw keagan do it I haven't been able to keep him off it. Maybe your little guy just needs to see it in action
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  • @Holly_1007 that's what I was thinking too. We have a friend with a 3 year old who loves her trampoline to pieces, so I'd like to get them over here so she can show Jasper what's up. They live an hour away, though, so it's tough to coordinate schedules. Mildly considering placing an ad in the paper asking to borrow a toddler for a while... kiddingnotkidding. But kidding.

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