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Thoughts on Holy Redeemer?

Good morning all!

I'm a newly pregnant first-time mommy-to-be, and I've spent the last few days researching hospitals in the area, trying to determine where to deliver. Has anyone had prior experience with Holy Redeemer (particularly since the rennovation), or knows of anyone who has delivered there? I'm new to the area and don't have a lot of friends who are moms to ask. My OB is affiliated with the hospital, but I was hoping for some outside opinion. Thanks!

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Re: Thoughts on Holy Redeemer?

  • I just delivered there this last August. I have a lot of family and friends that loved it there. I had an overall great experience with Holy redeemer. My only complaint was that when they took my son for an X-ray (he was spitting up bile) he was gone for what felt like FOREVER. A nurse did eventually come in to update us. I was just learning how to nurse and I felt that is was way longer then it needed to be. Now that I look back I don't think it was too long. The baby may not have been cooperating. But anyway ..

    The nurses throughout the night and during the day were great. I know they were super busy, but whenever I needed anything they responded pretty fast.

    The food wasn't as bad as I expected it to be...but anything brought in from outside the hospital was obviously better haha

    The room was a great size ... My husband and I have a huge family and it was never too cramped with visitors

    Although we didn't use their NICU I was impressed when we took a tour of the hospital.

    Good luck with your decision making and congratulations!
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  • Thanks so much for your thoughts @KMck27 - I much prefer opinions of people who have actually delivered there as opposed to the fluff on their website ;) Congratulations on your little one and thanks again!
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  • I have also heard good things and will be delivering there also. Can't speak from experience just yet though ;)

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  • I had both boys at hrh. I really can't say enough great things! Both my boys were 36 weekers and I was given a room directly across from the nicu since they were signed to their service the first day until midnight. Food to good. With my youngest, we were actually released the afternoon thAt they opened the front renovation (in 2010). If you have any questions feel free to send me a pm.
  • i'm so glad to see all positive reviews. My OB is in the Business building at HR and the plan is to have baby there as well. I have not been there since my sister had her son 14 years ago so i am going on way past experience. I agree with @lalamama81 with abington. Not only is it a babyfactory (most nurses i know that work there actually call it that) but it would be a high school reunion if i had my baby there....don't need prom queen checkin out my hooha
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