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Has anyone posted this?  It's a fun dialect quiz with maps to show you who shares your regionalisms and who doesn't...

ETA: I got Buffalo (where I grew up), Rochester (next closest city) and Grand Rapids... I am least like people from 3 cities in Alabama...

Re: Language nerds

  • This was going around my fb last week. Most people said the map was way off for them. When I took the quiz, my 3 most similar cities were all within hours of where I grew up!

  • Mine was dead on....

    Rubbernecking is the activity people!

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  • I got Madison, Milwaukee, and Grand Rapids. I'm from the western part of Wisconsin, so I'd say this was close.
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  • ktnicole said:

    Mine was dead on....

    Rubbernecking is the activity people!

    Mine was dead on, too

    I agree rubbernecking is the activity. I call the actual traffic jam a clusterfuck. But that might just be me lol.

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  • It actually picked the city I live in.
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  • Mine was dead on. Gave me the exact city I grew up in!
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  • @bunkinmama I wondered where you got the questions from for the vlog.

  • I was shocked that I got all three cities that I have lived in as the top three contenders. Especially because they are in different parts of the country and have very different ways of saying things.
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  • Mine said Milwaukee, Madison and Rockford. I grew up in Milwaukee and went to school in Madison, so close enough for me! Most of the people on my FB feed are from around here too, so it obviously picked up on the WI people well. And I had no idea what rubbernecking was until I read this quiz.

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  • New York, Newark and Paterson.

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  • It put me from Rockford, Aurora, & Minneapolis. From N.IL, so I'd say it was dead on. I wonder what's the difference in dialect between Aurora & Rockford?
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  • Yep, it placed me in central MA :)
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  • I did it and my results were hysterical. I got three deep south cities. An area that I have never lived in....

    I assume my answers have been influenced by family that is from the south.
  • It placed me in Texas for all three. Never been there

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