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Rec your nursing bra

I have a couple cheapies from target but am looking for something a little better quality.

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Re: Rec your nursing bra

  • Along w the super comfy Target ones, I sprung for the Bravado Allure (it has underwire). I wanted something that looked like a real bra and not a sports bra. I like it ok, nothing special. Clips are easy enough to use. I also bought a new bra at VS that is front closure, so that works ok for nursing.


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  • casey78 said:

    I like the bravado tanks. I've been getting by with $20 motherhood bras, but I'm thinking of stepping it up to something a bit more supportive and attractive for the next 6 months or so. I hear Nordstrom does fittings and has good selection. I'll be following this thread

    I went to nordstroms and got fitted and I love the Anita International bras. I did not like the Le Mystere bra. It has a wire in the band part that digs into me. I just ordered several more bras and completely stopped using my motherhood maternity ones (except for the ones that are like sports bras). I would really recommend going there to get fitted. Motherhood measured me as a 40D. Nordstroms measured me as 34F. Obviously, that's a huge and made such a big difference in comfort.
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  • I got fitted at Norstroms. They only carried one bra and just said to order the others through their website. When I got home, I checked amazon. The bra I purchased for $70 was in sale for $40. Grrr. I did like getting a fitting and purchased some Bravado bras that I really love. I have heard Norstroms will convert a normal bra to a nursing bra as well. Might depend on the store.
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  • I love my Bravado Body Silk, it has removable padding that hides breast pads nicely. I've found the comfort and support to be spot on. At home I usually stick with the Motherhood nursing tanks.
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  • bravado bras and bravado tanks.
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  • thanks for all the replies, ladies!  I think I'll go to Nordstroms and get a fitting!
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