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EBF with Psoriasis

Anyone else? I have always had sebhorric dermatitis (basically psoriasis that is mostly limited to my scalp). It was beautiful during pregnancy - no trouble at all. But postpartum it has been a NIGHTMARE, I'm flaring up like no bodies business (working on going to see my derm). Unfortunately though, at 3 weeks pp i began to get a redness around one nipple - I had just begun pumping to store as well as EBF so I just thought, part of the game, more lanolin.. and it'll go away. It didnt :( at 6 week pp check up I asked my GYN she said maybe yeast treated with diflucan (no change) and try dermatology because it could be psoriasis.

Derm isn't taking appointments until MARCH. So I went to my PCP like around 2 months pp. She said MASTITIS (crazy person..) It's not mastitis.. so I refused the z-pack, but did accept a cream (it's for fungal infections and has a low dose steroid in it). I used it for about 5 days and it HELPED.. but the second I stopped using it (felt uncomfortable because of the steroid etc.) the redness came back..

Well it's just been getting worse and worse and now it seems to be starting on the other side too :( I'm using nipple shields and I'm so thankful for them because I believe they have saved my breast feeding relationship..

I was just wondering if anyone else on the board is dealing with psoriasis on their nipples because of BFing. And what you have tried, or if you have had any success? I will be seeing Dermatology but not until March and it's just a terribly uncomfortable and embarrassing condition.. (as in I try not to let DH even see).

Re: EBF with Psoriasis

  • I've been dealing with psoriasis for about 15 years now. Like you, with both pregnancies, it was totally gone, it's because it's an auto-immune disorder, and during pregnancy, your immune system is suppressed. Women with many other types of auto-immune disorders like RA and Lupas find their disease goes into remission during pregnancy as well. Such a nice perk!

    I wouldn't even bother going to see the derm, honestly. I saw a derm for a number of years and it was time consuming, painful and expensive and didn't do much to improve the condition. Have you tried rubbing breast milk into the spots when you are done nursing? They're not kidding when they say breast milk is a cure all, it really helps!

    Just like your pregnancy hormones helped your psoriasis, when they are leaving your body, the flare ups can be down right awful. I was horribly embarrassed about the giant red spots on both breasts and the major increase on my scalp and calves. For at least the last month or so, I haven't really noticed the spots on my breasts anymore, which probably not coincidentally cleared up right around the same time I got my first post-partum period back.

    Try going bra-less as much as possible, and honestly, as much as you're happy with the nipple shields, if they are causing any additional friction, they could be part of the problem.

    Good luck!!
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  • I was thinking the Derm might be useless. I've been seeing dermatology since I was a kid with psoriasis.. just not specifically because it was on my nipples.. but I honestly wasn't expecting a miracle cure.. just support and maybe some 'light at the end of the tunnel'.

    Did you try LC? Do you think they may have some resources/support that would be beneficial?
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  • No, I didn't talk with the LC, it wasn't all that bothersome to me, I've been dealing with it so long, I just figured it was par for the course. But it couldn't hurt to ask them!
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