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Babies Ruin Bodies - blog post

Emma Rose
Born 3.11.14
8lbs 14oz, 21.5 in
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Re: Babies Ruin Bodies - blog post

  • Great blog post.
  • Oh now you've done it. The water is leaking from the eyeballs

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    MamaOlive[Deleted User]
  • Aww this was sweet! Thank you for sharing!!
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  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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  • Reading the title made me mad, then I read the content and thought the wording was great.  I get defensive when my friends say things like " geez Lil, you're having another kid? you will ruin your body"  I love the little poem at the end.
  • Le sob.
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  • Lilly&Co said:
    Reading the title made me mad, then I read the content and thought the wording was great.  I get defensive when my friends say things like " geez Lil, you're having another kid? you will ruin your body"  I love the little poem at the end.
    What you said! I was ready to drop some F bombs. Instead, I almost cried at the public information desk at work. :P

    Can I also just say this is quite articulate and eloquently worded? I'm 24 now, but it seems like I rarely meet people with that sort of writing clarity...and she is/was 21 at the time of that posting. I'm just so happy when people can spell and write coherent sentences!! :x
    I was mad too because this baby almost did not happen due to a very bad accident I was in.  This was written with such love and grace. I appreciate that.
    I concur with that about the writing. I was 24 when I had my first, that was 7 years ago and 3 girls and this pregnancy later. It is nice to read passages that are not filled with text messaging subtext. 
  • Great post! I posted the other day about a Self magazine article that was the polar opposite of this and was honestly offensive. When I write my nasty-gram to the magazine I may reference this blog post as a more appropriate depiction of a woman's body image during/after pregnancy. Thank you for sharing!
    bumpuser381983Missfunball[Deleted User]
  • Sob. This is so beautifully written!

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  • beautiful, thank you for posting!

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  • Absolutely beautiful - even not having a great body to start with, I feel wonderful seeing perspectives like this!
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  • Yeah, I was totally ready to bitch about this post. I'm glad I read it first, THAT would have been embarrassing! I totally cried; sitting here in my chair with my heating pad on my sciatic nerve it's nice to be reminded that I'm growing my baby girl! All of this will be worth it in the end!
  • *sniffle*

    I wish I was that eloquent when I was 21. Damn.
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  • Excellently written!
    Cue more tears
  • Made me cry.... beautiful. Can't wait to meet my little girl. :')
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  • Love it... Makes me even more anxious to meet my son!
  • Lovely. Thanks for sharing.
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  • Wow!!! That is awesome! I am totally crying right now. How amazing.
  • Love this!!!!!!

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  • Awwwww! So well written, thanks for sharing!
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  • That was really good.  I totally cried.
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