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Low milk production

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My daughter was born 9 days ago. I've been trying to breast feed and am only getting about an ounce or less. I'm getting really discouraged and disappointed with myself. A friend of mine said if I haven't gotten any milk by now I won't get any. Anyone have tips on what I can do to increase my milk supply? Also since coming home I have been somewhat sick with cold like symptoms.

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  • Your milk might not have completely come in yet. My LC told me to take fenugreek (3 pills 3x/day). You can also try mothers milk tea. If you pump, pump an extra 5-10 minutes after you are emptied to stimulate milk production. I would also work with a LC personally. Good luck mama!

  • Casey she is taking similac I also giver her the ounce that I'll pump, every couple of hours.
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  • That doesn't really seem that low at 9 days pp. You need a new LC and to get that baby on the breast. Baby shouldn't be drinking more than 2 oz at this point and thats even a ton for a 9 day old.
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  • Why are you pumping? (this helps guide my answer)



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  • The hospital wasn't really helpful when every nurse said something different from the last.. The one nurse told me to breast feed for 15 mins on each side and then pump afterwards. I wasn't sure if the baby was getting any so the nurse told me to continue pumping to see how much I would produce. Also besides being sick I had to order smaller shields not sure if that's going to make a difference.
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