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Infant risk hotline

Does anyone have /know it? I can't find the # to call about a medication. My cystic acne is flaring up, and NP at the derm office gave me Finacea. It's an antiflammatory topical cream. The NP basically didn't have an answer for me if it's safe or not. She said its safe for pregnancy, so it should be safe for EBF moms. I need to find a new derm because she didn't have any other options for me besides going back on Accutane (after breastfeeding). Grrrrr!!!

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Re: Infant risk hotline

  • Did you Google it? There is also a forum on the website and they've answered questions already about a ron of medications.
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  • I did, but I was mobile, so it didn't look like a legit website. I will try on my PC. Thanks!

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  • Look up the LactMed database, and see if it's listed? Not sure if that's the one you already tried googling?
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  • (806)-352-2519 (8-5 central time)

    Infant Risk Center also has a new mommy meds phone app. Haven't tried it yet. 


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  • No advice on the need thing but yes, definitely find a new dermatologist...Accutane can be some bad stuff, my husband had some major issues because of it.
    Evelyn & Jocelyn   9/19/2013
  • Thanks for all the info, ladies!

    I will start searching for a new doc tomorrow. And, I really don't want to go back on Accurane for 1 persistent cyst. It didn't even work on this so called cyst last time I took it anyways. Stupid acne/hormones! I feel like a pre-teen going through puberty all over again.

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  • My husband gets those crazy cysts too...the doctor he goes to now just cuts them out...takes just a few minutes in the office and none of the insane side effects.  As long as they get it all cleaned out they don't come back and there aren't really any scars either and his have all been on his face neck and back.

    Evelyn & Jocelyn   9/19/2013
  • Thanks @AmyG*!

    @Ledo That would be nice to have it surgically removed, but the NP said they don't lance/remove them. Weird! I've had problems with this cyst for over 6 years. I'm ready to be done with it! It's deft time for a new doc.

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  • You can always call your OB and ask them to look up the Lactation Risk Category of the medication AND give their opinion on whether you should take it. 


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    AmyG* said:

    82Sonia said:

    You can always call your OB and ask them to look up the Lactation Risk Category of the medication AND give their opinion on whether you should take it. 

    FYI, OB's know some about breastfeeding, but they are not experts on drugs in lactation.  they have more experience and knowledge about drugs in pregnancy, and how drugs transfer during pg is totally different than how drugs transfer in breastfeeding.

    Infant Risk is run by the Texas Tech school of medicine and headed by Dr. Hale who is considered the world expert on drugs in lactation. I don't recommend posting on the website, as that is reserved for use by lactation professionals and often the answers are not clear enough for the general public, or refer to the book that you probably don't own (I do but it's the 2010 edition so it is getting outdated a bit for info on new drugs)

    I honestly think everyone should get Dr. Hale's book. DH got it for me when I was pregnant and it has been invaluable!
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  • Maybe just my OB's office then. They've been great. I stand corrected.


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