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East county childcare?

Hi!  I haven't been on here in quite awhile.  I am pregnant with my first after a long but successful round of IVF, whoohoo!  I live in the Gresham area and was wondering if anyone knew of a good daycare on this side of town?  I don't yet have a preference whether it's an in-home or center type.  Also, any suggestions for pediatricians in the Gresham area?  Thanks so much!

Re: East county childcare?

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    I'm not sure if this is too late, but we see Dr. Frank Calcagno at Calcagno Pediatrics in Gresham. It's located in the Mt. Hood complex.

    My son went to Gresham Heights and we didn't love it. The people were generally caring and competent, but they often had 8 - 10 toddlers with 1 adult, and I didn't like that they did things like serve whole grapes and popcorn to 1 year olds. I just never felt safe leaving him there. They also seemed unsure what to do with my high energy 1 year old. They kept reporting to me that he wouldn't sit still in circle time or wouldn't pay attention like it was this horrible thing that I needed to address with him.

    I SAH now, but we had toured Stepping Stone Day School and loved it. We had friends who sent their (school age) children there and were very impressed.

    ETA: Congrats on your pregnancy!

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