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Best walking stroller?

The stroller hunt is on! I live in Chicago and log lots of miles walking around the city and on our lakefront path. Which models should I look at? The BOB, the Vista, the City Mini GT...I'm so confused!

Re: Best walking stroller?

  • City mini gt- you will not be dissapointedm
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  • How does the City Mini GT handle ice, sidewalk cracks, etc.? For fast walkers (dare I call myself a powerwalker?), does it help to have bigger tires like on the City Select? 
  • I LOVE my BOB Ironman ! It's not great for places like the mall (it's pretty big) but I ran with DS1 in it when he was old enough... we used to do 10-15 mi together and, as long as I was running on a flat trail, it barely felt like I was pushing it.






  • I had a City Mini and was less than impressed.  It was fine for indoors, but it wasn't ideal for sidewalks.  I don't know if the GT is much better.  I finally bought a BOB Revolution and have never needed another stroller, until I needed a double and knew to stick with the Revolution.  I use it in the malls, day trips, sidewalks, running, everything.   It's great!
  • I second the bob for walks, paths, sidewalks etc! I have the revolution I love for the front wheel lock/unlock capabilities!
    I also have city mini which is great for indoor/shopping, etc, not so much for outside walks...
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