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39 Week BUMP update - Solids before BM?

So, "the bump" weekly updates, for 39 weeks, just sent me an email. I read that she can now start having solids before offering BM, because this creates the process of weaning to more solids and less BM. I know that they can't start WCM until after 1 year, but I was just wondering how many of you are doing this?

Right now I offer BM before solids, so I surprised to see that I should start to switch that up. Obviously, I am going to ask my pedi at the next appt. what she suggest, but I am curious, what are you doing at this point?

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Re: 39 Week BUMP update - Solids before BM?

  • We nurse on demand and she eats when we eat. This doesn't apply to us per sey, but I would prefer that she fill up on her breastmilk first since it is a more complete food than what she gets from her solids.

    Also, I will not start thinking about how I am going to wean her until 9 months from now. unless something changes, I'm planning to BF to 2yrs.
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  • I have also been giving BM and then.solids but will switch it up starting tomorrow. I want the weaning transition to run through smoothly especially if I happen to become pregnant anytime soon! :p I was exclusively BF (he.is 9 months) then decided to start pumping to save.milk and giving.solids just to be safe in case I do become pregnant. I dont use Birth control anymore because of the terrible affect ot had on me before
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  • I haven't really worried about this, myself. DS eats table food when we eat and he nurses on demand. He eats his fill of both.

    I understand the reasoning for it and I suppose if you're planning/wanting to wean around 1 year old it's a good way to start the transition for baby-led weaning. In fact, my second child started to give up daytime nursing around 10 months and really only nursed at night before we sleep trained at 13 months and she weaned entirely.
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  • I offer BM first and will continue until he is at least 1. Our pedi recommended us to continue nursing 5x a day and 3 solid meals.
  • Same as Sidra. I'll nurse to at least 2 years, so I'm not doing anything that would encourage the weaning process. Right now we nurse on demand, and she eats meals with us. Sometimes that means she nurses both before and after a meal.
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