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2nd Trimester

Sharp pains. Different from my round ligament pain.

Hello! I'm 13 weeks. Today & last night I've had some sharp quick stabbing like pain in my uterus. I had them early on in pregnancy as well around 6 weeks. They just come & go but aren't constant. I'm not terribly worried when I asked about them last time at 6 weeks my doctor didn't seem worried - she said I'll feel all kinds of things.

I have round ligament pain sometimes on my sides mainly if I cough or sneeze but this pain is different. It's more in the middle right after where my pubic hair line would be I guess. Anyone else have these? I just wonder what it is.

I have an at home Doppler and heard babies heart beat & all seems ok. I go to the doctor Tuesday & will definitely be asking about it. Just curious on if anyone else experiences this ... All my friends I've talked to haven't.

Re: Sharp pains. Different from my round ligament pain.

  • I had the same exact thing last night!! I was in so much pain and worried. From what i read, as long as there is no bleeding it most likely is ligament pain and/or constipation on top of it. I'm exactly 13 weeks also. We should keep in touch! Let me know what your doc says. Btw I feel 100 times better today and also checked baby's HB with my at home doppler.
  • Glad to know I'm not the only one! It's just so different from my ligament pain I've felt so far. I guess it's just stretching - but the sharpness worries me. I love my Doppler! I couldn't make it without it! Have you had any insomnia? I have been waking up about 3 or 4 am & can't get back to sleep. I'm also feeling better ... Not quite back to my old self but much better than I was a couple weeks ago when I was feeling so bad I was crying every night. (I had terrible night sickness!).

    I'll let you know what dr says .. Appt is on New Year's Eve. We are doing testing - quad screen. Our insurance covers it so decided to do it.
  • Yes def keep me posted! What is the quad screen? I never heard of it. Happy you are feeling better. I def have a bit more energy and was lucky enough that I had no morning sickness during the first trimester. Do you guys know the sex yet? Are you planning to find out?
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