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2nd Trimester

Baby beats app?

I was reading another forum and someone had mentioned this app.

So naturally last night I got it! It was only supposed to work in the third tri but I'm only 16w along and we def heard the baby's heart last night <3

Has anyone else tried this app?

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Re: Baby beats app?

  • What is the name of the app?
  • It's called my baby beats I think it's only for the iPhone

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  • This isn't legit.... an iPhone doesn't exactly have the technology to double as an at home Doppler.... kinda like those apps where you can do an "x-ray"... I don't think so..smh
  • Picked up my heartbeat just fine and it picked up another faster heartbeat as well. I will test it before my next appointment to see how close it is. If its similar in speed and everything then I believe it.

    All the app is doing is picking up sound to my knowledge and I know a phone can do that. I know if its not a super quiet room it picks up all sorts of gibrish.

    My next appointment is in a week so time will tell. Ill do it before the appointment and maybe right after and see how close everything is to the doctors.

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  • Just put it to your husbands stomach and see if it "picks up" anything lol
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  • Oh I did that the day I got it and you can't hear anything. Unless you move up a bit then you can hear his heart. We even tried in on the dog.

    All you can hear on them is basically static an random sounds that I believe are digestive sounds (like gas and such lol) on me I have to be in just the right spot holding it at the right angle to pick it up

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