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How many oz?

How many oz is your LO drinking?  Im usually home with E and EBF but over the weekend, we are leaving her with the ILs for the day.  Im trying to figure out how much milk to leave her.  She usually bfs when she wakes up and after each (2) nap and before bed.


Re: How many oz?

  • We're on formula, but she has 16 oz a day, plus solids.



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  • I think 16 oz would be plenty with solids whether its breastmilk or cow's milk. You could leave 20 oz in case she wants more. I found this hard to decide too when I was EBF with dd and my mom was watching her but she usually only drank 3 oz at a time and I didn't want to waste. 

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  • She nurses when she wakes up and before bed... Does a milk straw cup with about 4oz at breakfast, lunch, and dinner... Water with snacks.
  • was going to say that when I pump at work, I get between e
    2 to 6 oz total. I assume that is the equalivent of a feeding session at a 4 hour interval. So however often you are doing rounds of nursing times the minimum would be min needed. Like PP said, since your LO is also eating solids, then it can help make up the difference for a few days if need be..
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  • I think it depends on how much solid food you LO is eating. Ours still doesn't eat that much so she is still drinking about 25 oz (mix of BM and formula).

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  • L is EBF as well, but gets bottles when I am at work. If DH doesn't push solids much that day, she'll usually eat 4 ounces every 2.5 - 3 hours.

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