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2nd Trimester

Yay! Finally in my second trimester.

Hi everyone! So excited to have made it thru the first trimester. Now that I'm in my second I feel better about everything being ok. I had an appt last Thurs and everything was great. I won't be seen again until mid January. I was going to tell work next week. Should I wait until after that appt to be sure all is ok again? Or just tell them next week as I had originally planned? What are all of your thoughts? Thanks!!

Re: Yay! Finally in my second trimester.

  • I'm on the same boat. I won't see my doctor until mid January too and just started my second trimester today. I feel much better too. Not much fatigue anymore or anything else. Just my mood has been terrible. A big ass bitch, for sure. LOL. Now that you're on your second trimester, I think It's ok to let your work know! The risk of a miscarriage is lower now! (BEING POSITIVE:) I told my work right after I peed on the stick and got a positive. Only because I work at the Executive Lounge at a hotel and It requires a lot of walking and bussing tables, although I am a receptionist. We do help out our F&B a lot so, I wanted to make sure they know that I was pregnant and won't be able to do much walking or able to carry any heavy things. I'm also 5'3 short so, I can't reach a lot of the stuff. Hehe! :)
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