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Hello!  I have been lurking for a little while so I thought I would introduce myself.  I have two little ones, DD4 and DS will be 2 in a few weeks.  DS was hitting average milestones utill about 1 year old when he had a speech regression.  He went from babbling, have a couple words and doing the motions to songs we sang to nothing...I would notice days go by with him not even babbling.  We also notice him not responding to his name and it would take some work to get his attention/eye contact.  At his 16 month well baby the Dr. referred him for speech and he failed the hearing test at the appointment and we were referred to an audiologist.  He passed audiologist exam.  At his 18 month well baby check we did a MCHAT and based on the results were referred to a children's hospital.  At that appointment the Dr. ruled out Autism at this time and discussed what seemed like 10000000 other things that might be causing the delays.  He did lab work to check for fragile X and we go in on Monday for a 24 hour EEG to check for seizures (the dr. was concerned about the regression in skills and wanted to make sure it was not caused by a seizure).  She also referred him for a more thorough autism eval in 6 months and we are going to see her again in 7 months.  He has been in speech for a few months and will start OT next month.  Just getting nervous about Monday, I can't image him staying hooked up for 24 hours....but I keep telling myself that they do it everyday. 

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    Welcome! How difficult it must be not knowing but it sounds like you have a thorough doctor that is covering all the possible bases and starting therapy that will help. I say the same thing about tests that DS2 has to go through. It is amazing the tricks they have for getting them to tolerate things. Our hospital usually calls us the day before a test or a procedure and tells us what to expect and what to bring. If they call, ask about brings things for entertainment, sleeping, snacks and anything you may need and how the test will go. Thinking of you! Hope you get some answers.
    Thank you so much for your kind reply.  I actually just went ahead and called the hospital to ask the questions you suggested and I feel a little more prepared.  Thank you!
  • Welcome! There is also lots of good info in the EEG link of the FAQ post near the top if the page. Good luck!
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