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dilated fetal kidneys

I'm about 24 wks and had two ultrasounds showing baby boys kidneys are dilated... My doctor has referred me to a high risk OB that specializes in maternal fetal medicine... I've been told by the doctor and nurse that this will usually resolve on it's own and it's common..but this is my first pregnancy so I'm trying to just go with the flow... Has anyone has any experience with this???

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  • I had this with my last pregnancy. I had to get ultrasounds every 4 weeks after the anatomy scan that was done at 19 weeks. It supposedly hadn't resolved itself two weeks before she was born according to the ultrasound.

    They just told me DD would have to get an ultrasound done on her kidneys after she's born and then go from there (see pediatric urologist if need be then antibiotics and if it wasn't cleared by a year old then a minor surgery to correct it).

    She got an ultrasound at the hospital when she wasn't even a day old yet. Her kidneys were both normal so no problems after all. It did correct itself.

    I was always hoping and praying it would all be okay so I understand your concern. But like your doctor said these things usually do clear up on their own even if it's still present after your son is born. Try not to worry too much about it (hard to do, I know).
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  • And don't google it all the time because you'll drive yourself crazy with possible scenarios.
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  • Thank you for responding... They told me the same thing if it wasn't resolved by the first birthday. We'll see what happens after this next ultrasound next week. Mine was the same way, after the 19wk scan when we found out they told us there was something tiny they wanted to go over... So hope it goes away and baby boy is nice and healthy
  • Nope did not even get tempted to start reading online:). Not going to help the situation! ...figured ok I have to get it off my mind somehow so I should just post on here.. Don't want to really tell / family friends / coworkers because I don't want people to be making a big deal and questioning me everyday..
  • I'm a pediatrician--as PP said don't read online, just follow up with serial US when the baby is born. 

    If it is a problem, it is the kind of problem that can be fixed these days, and surveillance is simple with US (so no radiation or blood tests--until later on).  I hope everything resolves for your baby!!  Keeping em crossed.  A lot of times we see renal abnormalities that clear up later on.
  • I have two experiences with this, first my sister's DS had a dilated kidney found in the anatomy scan that was monitored during pregnancy and resolved in the first year after he was born.  My son was diagnosed with the dilated kidney when I went overdue at 40wk2.  They put my son on antibiotics until we could rule out reflux.  After monitoring for a year his kidney dilation looked better but he had another issue with the ureter that was causing vomiting and he ended up with the minor surgery at 16 months.  Either way don't let it scare you, just be thankful you are aware of the situation and can monitor and correct as necessary.  I am so thankful that I went overdue and caught this problem on the ultrasound because we would have had some unknown vomiting issues that may have taken a lot longer to diagnose. (btw my son had a super rare and unusual case so much so that my son's urologist the head of the department at Boston Children's had never seen symptoms like that in someone that was younger then a teenager).  Stay Positive the majority of these cases resolve on their own.
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