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2nd Trimester

Spotting while "pushing"

Has anyone experienced some light spotting after pushing on the toilet? (sorry TMI) but I know it isn't a hemorrhoid it is definitely from my vagina. this has happened a couple times now. I will see my doc tomorrow for my 18 week appointment but I thought I would ask here first! 

Re: Spotting while "pushing"

  • Pushing to pass stool can irritate your cervix.

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  • I have had spotting throughout my pregnancy but especially with bowel movements, my Dr advised me that it was entirely normal for some women. I am now 6 months along and she is doing well.

  • I had some spotting around 13w with straining for BM. It's common, but always best to have any bleeding checked out.

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  • Happened to me at 13 WGA, but always get that checked out!!!
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