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Clogged duct still

It's not nearly as painful as the first night I had it. But I wanted to ask you ladies when would you be worried that it has not gone away? Right now it only hurts when I touch it (it's extremely painful when I try to massage it). It's been almost 48 hours, should I be worried? I might XP on Breadtfeeding.

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Re: Clogged duct still

  • I'd be a little worried after 48 hours. I get them a lot but I think all have cleared with 24-36 hours. I'm always on the lookout for any symptoms of mastitis.


  • I forgot to add, I have a cold, so I'm a little worried about missing mastitis signs, I keep checking for a fever but don't have one.

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  • all of of PP said...and what worked for me last time was hot compress on the nipple area...but cold compress where the clog LC recommended this and it worked.  hope it clears :/
  • I don't see it often, but the LC told me this was a way to clear a clogged duct.  I had one for the first week after Lily was born and it was painful.  They told me to ice for 5 minutes, massage, ice for 5 minutes, pump for 10.  It was like an explosion in the pump bottle.  I've had a couple of clogs since and ice.  They go away pretty quick.  Word of warning though, ice can cause you to leak everywhere so have a towel handy.
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  • 48 hrs I wouldn't worry too much bit I'd be on the watch for signs of mastitis. Another day or 2 might be more worrisome. Can you see if there is a white dot on your nipple? If you can, massage towards your nipple in a hot shower and then immediately dangle feed. Keep doing that each time you nurse. The damp heat really helps loosen things up.
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