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SCH bleeding

Hi girls,

You know how I had that stupid hematoma thing (SCH)? A few weeks ago when I had my NT scan the tech said it looked like it was right above the cervix and to not be surprised if I bled a bit of brown blood if it started bleeding.

Fast forward to Saturday night when the babies are on the move in the ute. They were side by side positions and that night I was having round ligament pain and could tell on my home doppler that one moved higher than the other one.

So Monday morning I start spotting brown blood, but figure it's finally the SCH bleeding out since the babies are probably now putting pressure on the cervix. Went to doc, babies are all good, told to go home and take it easy.

Now this morning I wake up to gross brown bleeding (sorry tmi). Not spotting, but like bleeding. Ugh. I am going back to the doc at 10 this morning to get checked again. I still think everything is ok, I just want the bleeding to go away. I've been very calm over the past few days but there's something about wiping and seeing blood that gets to you.

For other girls with SCHs, I know I've read bleeding was normal, but how long did it take to go away?

Anyways, if you could keep me and the twins in your prayers, good juju, etc I'd appreciate! I'll let you know how the appt goes. Afterwards, I'm laying on my butt being pampered all day today, hehe :)

Re: SCH bleeding

  • T&P that all is well and the bleeding stops soon!

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  • Bleeding can be very nerve-wracking. I was told by my RE that I probably WOULDN'T bleed out my schs because of their location (it went cervix, sac, and baby), so when I started to bleed brown, I totally freaked out. When I went into the doctor, one sch had completely disappeared and the other two were much smaller, so she said that with the baby growing, the sch must have made its way closer to the cervix and then out. I bleed brown for about 10 days on and off. I know some ladies on here have had more bleeding and have been completely fine. Prayers for you! I'm sure all will be fine.
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  • Uuuugh I know how you feel - I had bleeding with my SCH and after my OB appt, it freaking sucks.  But as long as it's brown and not bright red you're still totally find.  My SCH actually only bled the one day.  I had a little old flaky looking stuff for a day or two after.  After my OB I had the brown crap again for about a week...that was fun.  I'm sure everything is a-ok with you and babies, but T&P that your doc can ease your mind today!
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  • Thank you girls so much! Everything seems to point towards the stupid hematoma draining, so that's good! The doc saw a bit more blood in the hematoma on u/s, so if I bleed again I won't freak out. I got my rhogam shot too, so yay that's covered.

    The babies are totally fine and were kicking each other's heads on u/s lol. These kids are already wearing me out and they're not even here yet!

    Thank you guys again for the well wishes. You calmed me way down. No one gets it quite like our PAIFers! xo

  • Great update!!!!!!
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