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DH has an official guess for our Team Green baby

He thinks girl. Why? Because he knows a girl will absolutely melt him, and he always has comical bad luck, so this must be a girl.

Also, because at our labor and delivery class, the couples accidentally segregated- all the people expecting boys on one side of the room, and all the people on our side of the room were expecting girls. Then, on the plane last week, there were four babies, and all were seated within a couple rows of us. All girls. One of them (4 months old, so cute!) was right beside us and stared at me and DH the whole flight.

So I think he assumes we're having a girl due to his poor luck... and osmosis. LOL

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Re: DH has an official guess for our Team Green baby

  • My husband, after having a few drinks at Christmas dinner, admitted to me that he is 100% sure that this baby is a girl and he is absolutely terrified of being a dad to a girl!
    Guys are so funny when it comes to having girls, tell your husband that having a girl is good luck, not bad! And that he'll be an amazing dad no matter what that lil babe is.
    Isn't team green fun!
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  • Oh, he will be such a wonderful dad, no doubt in my mind!!! I can't think too much about it because it'll make me cry... He's going to be awesome.

    The "bad luck" joke is just because he knows that a girl will wrap him around her tiny pinkie and he will forever be trying to spoil her and protect her. Typical- he feels like he doesn't know what to do with a girl, but he just knows she would melt his heart and totally own him.

    It makes me all gushy inside, too, because my dad and I have never been close. I don't worry about that with DH, boy or girl. :x

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  • We are Team Green, but my husband thinks we are having a girl and I think we are having a boy.  He has a 15 year old daughter by a previous marriage and I love his story about when she was born.  He was convinced that he didn't care one way or another if it was a boy or a girl.  But when the baby was born and he's looking at the baby, his first thought was, "Oh my God!  My son has no penis!"  And he kept down that train of thought for awhile in his head... like how is his son going to be able to pee, will he be teased on the playground, etc.  Then the nurse announces, "It's a girl!" and he says he was so relieved to have an explanation as to why his son had no penis!  :-)

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