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New Poster - Rice Cereal Allergy

Hi.  I mostly lurk/post on my birth month board but had some questions that I was hoping you ladies can help with.  Some back history - DD was diagnosed with MSPI at 1 month (DS had as well) and we have been doing great continuing to EBF through modified diet.  She has always been tall and skinny (75-90% on height and 25% on weight).  Well at her 6 month appointment she had only gained 1 lb since three month and dropped to 10% curve.  Pedi was mildly concerned but just wanted us to ramp up solids (we had done rice cereal twice prior to this appointment). Friday morning we did rice cereal again and she vomited it back up and developed a rash all over back and chest.  After she was done she was her normal happy self and never developed any other "sick symptoms".  She was fine all day Saturday and the rash was gone yesterday morning so we tried the cereal again yesterday and same thing - vomit and rash.  Dr Google tells me rice allergy can be common in babies so I am figuring that is what it is and to stop rice and move on.  That's where my questions come in:

1) Do we try oatmeal next or move straight to veggies?  Is she anymore likely to have issues with oatmeal if rice is bothering her?

2) Is any of this indicative of food allergies being an issue down the road or are these (milk, soy, rice) just common in babies and easily outgrown.  Food allergies do not run in the family and DS never had an issue outside of MSPI.

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Re: New Poster - Rice Cereal Allergy

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    I assume the RC was dairy and soy free...?

    If your main goal is to get LO to gain weight, I'd skip RC and oatmeal for now. They fill up their tummy, but are low in calories, and have basically no nutritional value (the packaged baby cereal versions). Things like avocado, sweet potatoes, and bananas would be good options. And adding breast milk or olive oil to purées will help boost the fat/calorie count.

    How often does LO nurse/get a bottle? Breast milk is really the most nutrient dense/calorie dense food for LO. So you might also try offering an extra feeding or two. Some people try doing a "dream feed" at night to get an extra feeding in.

    Have you told the pedi about LO's reactions to the RC? I would let them know what happened. I'd also take LO to a pediatric allergist for testing. But a lot of them won't do testing until age 1 because the results are less accurate when they're really young.

    And obviously, avoid any rice products for the foreseeable future.
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  • Thanks for the input @shotzie.  I called pedi this morning and told her what happened.  She agreed to avoid the RC but suggested oatmeal next.  She can be a bit old school about some things (ie she suggests solids at 4 months even for EBF babies)  I agree from the research I have done on my own that the cereals provide little value so after the rash is cleared up I have decided to give avocado a go and maybe circle back to cereals/grains down the road.

    DD eats 6 times a day - every 3 hours and then cluster at 6 & 7:30 but she does sleep through the night.  Maybe a dream feed is what we need to do - I just hate to mess with the sleep but if it's what she needs I am willing.  Thanks for the advice.

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  • If I remember correctly, Gerber rice cereal does have soy in it.  My ds reacts to soy so he reacted to the Gerber rice cereal when he was on soy formula.  He can tolerate the amount of soy in the rice cereal as long as that is the only soy he gets all day.

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