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I know that there probably is no real way of preventing stretch marks, but does anyone have advice on safe to use lotion/moisturizer, for your bump?

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  • I used Burt's Bees Body Butter with my DD. I've been using coconut oil so far with this one.
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  • Nope, no way to prevent stretch marks. I loved using coca butter lotion for the itching, though.

  • I use almond oil on my belly, back and breast. I am at my 23rd week and haven't noticed any stretchmarks yet. My sister used almond oil too, and she didn't have stretchmarks through her whole pregnancy. Even if it doesn't work, it takes away the itch!

    My "massage girl" told me it's easier to get stretchmarks when you are younger, since skin is more tightly bound to the underlying tissue. May be I just haven't gotten stretchmarks because I am 39, ten...


  • I use cocoa butter as did my mom and grandmother.  Neither one of them got any stretch marks so I'm hoping I follow suit :)
  • I use Olive Body Butter from the Body Shop.  It was great during my first pregnancy, and I'm hoping for the best this time also.  It's just great moisturizer- great absorbancy, no strong smell, and not at all greasy.
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    Thanx for your advice ladies!  Here is good luck to us all in the fight against the marks!

  • I like Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.


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