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Pregnant after 35

44 and surprise pregnancy!

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I thought my baby making days were long over. Recently found out that I am pregnant at 44 with number 5. My other children are 16g, 19b, 20b, and 26 b. Had my first us last Monday to rule out ectopic (had one over 20 years a go) baby is in the right place and we even saw/ heard the heartbeat. Still super nervous as I realize to higher risk of miscarriage at my age. The shock is gone for the most part and I'm trying to allow myself to get excited. Holding my breath until I hit that 12 week mark.

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  • Congratulations! Hope it's all going smoothly and you're not feeling too crappy. I'm 43 with a surprise pregnancy - like you I thought my baby days were behind me but no, seems not! I have a 20 y/o daughter at Uni and a 16 y/o son lazing around being a teenager at home. I'm not thinking about the risks as what will be, will be. But we're not telling anyone until we absolutely have to. 

    Good luck and happy hormones :)
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  • So exciting! Good luck and hope all goes well! :)
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  • Congratulations and welcome!

    AMA & SAIF. TTC #1 since Oct. 2010. DX: Unexplained. BFP on break after 32 months trying and 2 med cycles. Baby girl born at 40w0d!

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  • Congratulations!   I wish you an uneventful pregnancy.
    Me-41, Hubby-40.
    1st BFP-8/17/12!  Missed Miscarriage discovered @ 8 week US.  D&C.
    2nd BFP-2/13/13!  Blighted Ovum discovered @ 8 week US. Natural miscarriage.
    3rd BFP-5/22/13!  By early June, progesterone plummeting.  Another loss.
    August 2013 - started Donor Egg process, but surprise BFP with my own eggs.
    Dear Son born 5/28/14
  • Congrats!!!!

    Me (40) DH (42).......Married 7/1/11......TTC 12/2013.......BFP #1 12/30/12........EDD 9/8/13
    Spotting,clot 2/15/13 all ok......2/21/13 no heartbeat 11 w 4 d missed miscarriage........2/22/13 DnC :(
    BFP # 2 10.10.13...........EDD 6.19.14

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  • Congratulations and good for you for being positive.....starting over is hard, but also very rewarding. You notice so much more I think when you are older and appreciate the things that get easily overlooked when you have children young.
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    Mom to a 16 year old boy too!! 
    Me: 36-PCOS DH: 34 All good. TTC #3 since 2/12. IUI's 1st BFN, 2nd  BFP: 9/22/12...M/C 11/6 10wks 1day.....3 more rounds of IUI Feb-April '13 all BFN.
    Started taking Femaprin & Milk Thistle Aug '13, then added Metformin Sept '13......Surprise BFP 10/26/13!!!! The first time in 10 years that we got a BFP without infertility treatments!

  • Congratulations! Hope it is a smooth road to week 12.
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  • Congratulations!!!  Thoughts and Prayers for a wonderfully happy and healthy pregnancy and lo for you!
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    Welcome and congratulations!!  That's quite an age gap for the kids but there is going to be so much love and adoration for your LO!  What a lucky surprise :)
    ~Married 11/08~
    ~TTC since 01/09~
    ~SA & B/W - 06/09 - Normal~
    ~Encouraged by OB to "just keep trying" 06/09 - 06/10 (oh, the wasted time)~
    ~HSG - 08/10 - Clear/Normal~
    ~Lapo - 01/11 - Normal~
    ~Clomid 50mg, Trigger shot, Prometrium - 01/11, 02/11, 03/11~
    ~BFN - 02/11~
    ~IUI #1 03/15/11~
    BFP 3/28/2011
    Diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks. Controlled through diet and exercise. No insulin.
    Diagnosed with Cholestasis of pregnancy @ 36 weeks.
    Delivered via C-section @ 36 weeks on 11/9/11.

    TTC#2 for a few months naturally (ha!)
    ~IUI#1, Clomid, Trigger,  10/13 - BFN
    ~IUI#2, Femera, Ovidrel, 11/13


  • Exciting! Congrats. :)

    First-time mom, 35+, parenting after a loss (mmc Oct. 2012 @ 8 wks), ttc for a year after loss

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  • Congratulations! I'm 40 years old and 22weeks pregnant with my surprise. My previously only child is 15. I'm still in shock and finding it hard to get excited.
    I hope you have a perfectly healthy pregnancy and baby!!!
  • How exciting!  Congrats!!!
    Mama of boys, Landon (Jan 14) and Harrison (Aug 15).  

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  • TeamistressTeamistress member
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    I have moments of excitement , followed by moments of shock and tears. I spent the first part of my life raising kids, focusing all my energy on them, putting my dreams on hold. I recently started a business (a dream of mine) I opened a tea room. And had planned on traveling to Europe next year and spending a month there. I went through a year long grieving process at 40 where I basically grieved the feelings of loss associated with child rearing and letting go of at part of my life, moving on to the new. Will definitely be having my tubes tied after the birth of this one.
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