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Have you done this stuff?

We just updated our insurance today (moved to a new state, things got weird - but all fixed now)... We asked about taking out a small life insurance policy on DD, and it is something that she could build on after she turns 18.  Has anyone else looked into this?  I kind of feel morbid, but part of me feels like it's not a bad thing to do....

How about writing a will?  It stresses me out that we haven't done this yet, and our insurance agent actually gave us some contact info for a few lawyers that could help us out.  Was there anything in particular that you included in your will, other than the obvious (i.e., who will assume legal custody of her in the unlikely event that both of us pass, etc)?

Re: Have you done this stuff?

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  • My sister is a lawyer so she will be writing ours this week for free. She was the one who encouraged us to do it.
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  • I have done both; my entire family (parents and extended) had passed away by the time I was 14 so death is too familiar to me and I wanted to be as prepared as possible.
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  • We still need to create a will. But we both increased our life insurance. My insurance policy includes a 10,000 child policy.

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  • I have life insurance that is triple my annual salary right now through work, I pay for the extra, and my parents got one of those Gerber life insurance policies for Morgan.  DH does not have any, we need to get him some though.  We do not have a will, I want to have one done but we can't afford the extra expense right now.  I do have it in writing, and notarized, that if something happens to DH and I Morgan will go to my parents.

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  • We have life insurance and a revocable living trust (kind of like a will....dunno all the details of the difference). DH is an attorney and specializes in this so he wrote ours up before LOs were born. I think it's a smart thing to do, and it's nice to know that it's already done....unlike my parents, who are in their mid 50's and still don't even have a will or a trust or anything....yikes.
  • We have life insurance for each of us through both our companies, but we do not have a will...we should, but it's so hard to figure all that stuff out.


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  • When I first got pregnant (3 children ago) I finally forced DH to get life insurance on me.  DH had it years earlier as he had to for work.  I remember it made him so uncomfortable pulling a life insurance out on me when I was pregnant until the agent agreed with me.  For my policy we could add a rider for children while pregnant (it was advised to wait to do so until you are in a term of your pregnancy where you could give birth and it would be viable).  So at 36 weeks we added the rider and baby was born a week later.  All future kids are automatically added 2 days after birth.  Prior to having kids I thought life insurance on children was strange but then my friend lost her baby to SIDS when he was 6 months old.  She had only been at her job for 11 months so no bereavement time and she told me how she had information for life insurance on her kitchen table and she regrets never filling it out.  As for a will, yes we did that as soon as we had kids as well.
  • DH has a life insurance policy but that's about it. We REALLY need to get a will, especially because DS is not DH's biological son, and we really need to make sure that he is protected in case anything ever happens to me.
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