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Dang it!!

It's that time of year, DH has come down with the dreaded man cold!!

I'm sure that his throat really is scratchy and obviously I can hear that he's congested but seriously? No fever, just some mild symptoms and he's practically bed ridden.

Oh well, just gotta plow through the man cold & LO not sleeping well lately.

Re: Dang it!!

  • Oh, eesh, the man cold.

    You have my sympathy.

    DH is horrible with this. He won't take time off of work for a man cold, so the moment he has time off, he'll lay in his chair and complain about how awful he feels and how it's so much worse because he worked through it (even if I just got over the same cold and still had to keep up with kids and house and mid-night wakings).

    Plus, it seems every other weekend he has a migraine and just can't handle the kids' playing noises and has to go take a nap. Just take Excedrin, already. Maybe I'll start crushing it up in his breakfast every weekend...
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  • Oh yes, the man cold. I can barely handle it, I am usually sympathetic the first day and then I just can't do it anymore. My favorite is when he just can't poosssibly help with any baby duties because he's soooo sick. Well, that's funny, I don't get to tag out when I'm sick. Must be nice!
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  • DH has a man cold last week. You would've thought he walked 300 miles in the rain with no shoes. He just wanted a circus to come to town over the fact that he was surviving the illness. He even went to the doctor after *get this* 2 whole days of being sick.
  • If every H had their way a gold statue would be built of them every time they "survived" a cold lol
    Blondie1212[Deleted User]alwayssinging
  • Ohhhhh thank you so much for this laugh! My DH literally came down stairs asking where's your phone? What. ..I need your phone. Why? I called you, I need a thermature. Seriously ..... it ended up reading 99.2 then in the morning had the great comment which was totally serious. Well, I made it through the night. Ooooiiiie
    Jenn (34)

  • The best is that he's miraculously made a full recovery in time to go to his favorite restaurant for football tomorrow.
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