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Amniotic banding/ sheeting (kinda long)

Hello ladies,

I'm 26 weeks into my pregnancy and at my 18 week scan the u/s tech noted amniotic banding on the report to my doctor (he did not mention it at the time of the scan). My doctor ordered another scan 4 weeks later and the tech also did not mention anything to my DH or I about the banding but we think we saw the affected area (although I have no idea where in my belly that is). At our last doctor visit (which was 3 weeks ago) my doctor (who continually says amniotic banding) says that it's not attached to the baby. As I'm doing research online I've learned that there is also amniotic sheeting which doesn't effect the baby. I assume that's what I have going on, because during the last scan we could clearly see a "sectioned off" area of the sac. However his choice of words concerns me and he has a very casual demeanor about the whole situation.

I'm growing more and more concerned as I have extreme, striking, excruciating pains in one specific spot where the baby moves. I've been told it's probably RLS but this only happens when LO moves and it is in the upper right area of my belly, just under the breast. I've been searching ABS websites and reading other women's stories who have had children born with ABS, and about their pregnancies. So far I have not read any stories that sounds similar to my situation. 

I have a 3 1/2 year old that was born with a very rare condition called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome which is not related at all to ABS but having one child with a rare disorder worries me that I just may have another with another kind of rare condition. Although it is reported by the CdLS Foundation that there is a 1% chance of having multiple children with CdLS. 

My doctor delivered my DD1 and my DS (7yrs old, no special needs) and was really good during those pregnancies and deliveries but this time around he seems so nonchalant and uncaring. I'm considering looking for another doctor. Or at least a second opinion. 

I'm just worried and hate being in so much pain every time LO moves, which is supposed to be an amazing feeling. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you =)

Re: Amniotic banding/ sheeting (kinda long)

  • I am an OB nurse and if you have amniotic banding then you need to be referred to a perinatologist, someone who specializes in highs risk pregnancies.  Amniotic banding can be several things. I don't mean to scare you just educate you.  If the banding isn't affecting baby then great, however, if it does affect baby, then basically there could be an area that basically is being cut off, kind of like having a rubber band tied around your finger, with that on there long enough, you loose blood supply and it will eventually die and fall off or get misshapen. Same kind of thing happens with banding, babies can be born with misshapen arm, leg, fingers, etc whatever area was affected. If your OB says it is in a place where it isn't affecting baby that's great, but go to a perinatologist for a qualified second opinion.
  • Thank you so much for your reply. I have seen and read about the results from ABS. I have decided to switch OB's and in the new office a perinatologist is on staff. I actually saw him earlier in my pregnancy for some testing since my DD1 has a rare condition.
    Thank you again.
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  • You're welcome and I wish you the best.


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