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Due august 2014

Early urine testits and a blood test show we are positive.. DW is very regular so we knew something was up..

We are in Fort Wayne but I was told by women's care advantage they won't see DW until 10 weeks... We have her on supplements but any ideas what else she can be doing beside worrying about the spotting?

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    I called the on call line at my womens center when it happened to me a year ago... The dr asked me some questions and then told me I could just wait and see or go to the ER and know for sure... I opted for going to the ER since it was my first and I was very nervous about it all.  They did blood work and an ultrasound to find the heartbeat.  Everything turned out fine, it can be very normal in the beginning so try not to worry too much, but you can always go to the ER and make sure if you would like.  Good luck with everything!

    edit:  i was 6 1/2 weeks, depending on how early they may not be able to find much on an ultrasound yet but they could at least check hormone levels with a blood test for you...
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  • Sounds like you're on the right track!  I think the most important thing for the first trimester is to be sure you're taking a good prenatal vitamin with folic acid in it.  
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