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how much water do you drink/day?

I had been having moments where i thought i was feeling my little girl move around and my tummy would get hard. i thought maybe that was her head or something.  but then i learned it could be bh contractions and that maybe i'm not drinking enough water.  i currently have a plastic container that holds 30 oz or 900 ml of water that i drink each day in addition to any other liquids.  so i thought i was pretty well hydrated.  so, how much water are you ladies drinking?

p.s.  i have never been a drinker. I'm one of those people who could eat a meal without anything to drink for hours.  prior to getting pregnant of course.

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Re: how much water do you drink/day?

  • I was told that you should be drinking half of your body weight in water... example if you were 100 lbs you should be drinking at least 50 oz. per day
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  • I'm sure I get my share of fluids. Especially now that the holidays are here and I'm eating lots of hot soup and gumbo! But I need more plain water. My skin is awful!
    Thanks for the replies.

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  • I drink about 3L of water a day! I used to hate water and never drank it but I keep in mind it will stop any contractions that would come from being dehydrated! 
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  • 90 to 120 oz. I get really, really thirsty though
  • I drink over 100oz a day.  Remember, once you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.
  • i've really got to do better!

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  • I seriously need to work on my water in take. Wow its absolutely awful. I'm embarrassed to say.

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  • BeesKnees181BeesKnees181
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    96 ounces of water + an occasional decaf tea or fruit juice/day...I have always needed a ton of water, though.  And I find I am really thirsty these days.  


  • This thread is making me think twice about how much I drink. On average I only drink one water bottle which holds roughly 40 oz and then a 16 oz glass at night. I eat a lot of liquidy food and other drinks like apple juice and such but I don't drink enough pure water. I never have been one to drink a lot tho. During my first tri I would drink 3+ of these water bottles now I have to remind myself to drink a lot just to get the one bottle down a day

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  • I've been having a hard time! I bought a 33oz smart water and have been refilling it. I've been trying to drink 2 of them a day. But I can never drink more than 1 1/2. It's so hard! Luckily if you observe your pee, you can tell if you're getting enough :)

  • i've only had about 900 ml of water today and some apple juice and coke. i need at least one more bottle of water before i go to bed.  i'm gonna be up all night since i took a nap so hopefully when i do go to bed i wont be peeing all night.

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  • I'm getting bored with just water
  • I usually have a glass of water in the morning, ~60 oz between 8am-7pm (my nalgene filled twice), and then a couple glasses at night. Sometimes there are other beverages interspersed throughout the day, too. I find if I don't drink enough, it is more likely to cause a headache, so if I get a headache it's usually an indication to keep drinking!

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  • I am a water piggy, and drink 4-5 liters a day.


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  • Lynnja616 said:

    I am a water piggy, and drink 4-5 liters a day.

    Wow! How do you not spend your whole day peeing? :)

  • I shoot for about 2 liters of plain water and about 12 oz of tea, but I allow myself 1 or 2 big cups (about 16oz each) of a sugary drink, specifically lemonade (craving of mine).  So in all, I get about 3.3 liters of fluid.  Plus, I pee about 4 dozen times during the day.  

  • Dang!!! We've got some water champions here. I just added up what I drank in ounces & it comes out to 80 oz. But I don't reach that goal every day. And on weekends I have a really hard time because a lot of my water intake is done sitting at my desk. I just don't get thirsty, and drinking water is kind of a chore.

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  • I'm a freaking camel :( I don't drink enough water - i seriously maybe drink 3 cups of something a day (water, coffee and a tea ... maybe a soda) and I am starting to get my BH early this time around .. now. So I need to get with it here, I feel like I'm getting myself in big trouble!
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  • My OB said drink enough water at least until your pee is clear. But I drink at least 6 bottles a day.
  • I hate water. I love sweet drinks. I also hate drinking when I'm not thirsty because I have an insanely small bladder. There are days I go without drinking any water!! I'm horrible :(:( I feel horrible about it. So yesterday I told myself if I can get 8 medium size glasses in a day it's way better than nothing and possible. So I experimented and found the perfect combination of lemon and desani sweetener that makes it taste like really good pink lemonade

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  • I'm better when I'm at work because we have a fridge stocked with bottled water, and it's within easy reach while I'm just at my desk.  On weekends, I have to force myself to remember to drink more often, but I'd still say my range is anywhere from 60-120 oz of liquids daily.
  • Fruits and vegetables count for some of your fluid intake, so if you're eating lots of those you don't need to drink as much water. I aim for 65-80 ounces of water per day - I have a reusable water bottle (it's a 22 oz size), and I try to empty it once during the morning, once during lunch, once during the afternoon, and at least halfway during the night.
  • i've been bad, especially lately.  sometimes i might only drink 15 oz of water a day.  but i will drink other things.  i had starting having more BH and it scared me into doing better lol!

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  • rpmf1102 said:
    I was told that you should be drinking half of your body weight in water... example if you were 100 lbs you should be drinking at least 50 oz. per day
    This has always been my guideline until this week.  Pregnancy increases the need for hydration, so I was told around a gallon (128 ounces) daily, by the doctor and the doula.
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  • At least 1L. That's my daily minimum. Maybe 2L with all the little additional sips here and there. I just got a UTI so I think I will be aiming for 2L starting right now.
  • BritaMarieaBritaMariea
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    • 75 lbs - 30 oz.
    • 80 lbs - 32 oz. = 4 cups (1/4 gallon of water)
    • 85 lbs - 34 oz.
    • 90 lbs - 36 oz.
    • 95 lbs - 38 oz.
    • 100 lbs - 40 oz.
    • 105 lbs - 42 oz.
    • 110 lbs - 44 oz.
    • 115 lbs - 46 oz.
    • 120 lbs - 48 oz. = (6 cups)
    • 125 lbs - 50 oz.
    • 130 lbs - 52 oz.
    • 135 lbs - 54 oz.
    • 140 lbs - 56 oz.
    • 145 lbs - 58 oz.
    • 150 lbs - 60 oz.
    • 155 lbs - 62 oz.
    • 160 lbs - 64 oz. = 8 cups (1/2 gallon of water)
    • 165 lbs - 66 oz.
    • 170 lbs - 68 oz.
    • 175 lbs - 70 oz.
    • 180 lbs - 72 oz.
    • 185 lbs - 74 oz.
    • 190 lbs - 76 oz.
    • 195 lbs - 78 oz.
    • 200 lbs - 80 oz. = (10 cups)
    • 205 lbs - 82 oz.
    • 210 lbs - 84 oz.
    • 215 lbs - 86 oz.
    • 220 lbs - 88 oz.
    • 225 lbs - 90 oz.
    • 230 lbs - 92 oz.
    • 235 lbs - 94 oz.
    • 240 lbs - 96 oz. = 12 cups (3/4 gallon of water)
    • 245 lbs - 98 oz.
    • 250 lbs - 100 oz.
    • 255 lbs - 102 oz.
    • 260 lbs - 104 oz.
    • 265 lbs - 106 oz.
    • 270 lbs - 108 oz.
    • 275 lbs - 110 oz.
    • 280 lbs - 112 oz. = 14 cups
    • 285 lbs - 114 oz.
    • 290 lbs - 116 oz.
    • 295 lbs - 118 oz.
    • 300 lbs - 120 oz.
    • 305 lbs - 122 oz.
    • 310 lbs - 124 oz.
    • 315 lbs - 126 oz.
    • 320 lbs - 128 oz. = 16 cups (1 gallon of water)
    • 325 lbs - 130 oz.
    • 330 lbs - 132 oz.
    • 335 lbs - 134 oz.
    • 340 lbs - 136 oz.
    • 345 lbs - 138 oz.
    • 350 lbs - 140 oz.
    • 355 lbs - 142 oz.
    • 360 lbs - 144 oz. = 18 cups
    • Your current weight- number of oz you should intake daily


  • im in the hospital right now! was told i was dehydrated and given iv fluid. turns out my fibroids are actually causing my contractions. but my doc said i need at least 3 liters of water a day. im on my second liter right now.

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