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Cleaning my Uppababy Vista

I'm sure this subject has been beaten to death but I can't seem to find the specific answer for my question, so here we go. 

My friend recently gifted me her used 2011 UBV (in the silver) and of course in my pregnancy OCD I want to clean it, like 15 minutes ago. I've read multiple places you can wash them in the machine but only front loaders. I'm just confused as to why only front loaders. We have a top loader, it doesn't have the middle part that gets in the way, so I see no difference from that and a front loader. 

Can anyone give me advice. Just having it sit in the house without being cleaned is killing me right now so I might go have it dry cleaned to hold over my ocd till I figure out if I can clean it myself. :)

Re: Cleaning my Uppababy Vista

  • I think it should be fine in a top loader with no agitator. I have such a small front loader that the seat doesn't fit, so I hand wash it.

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