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Cruise in January! Advice?

My entire family will be taking a cruise in January on the Princess Cruise Line for 4 days! We are pretty excited about it, but I just wanted to see if. Anyone had any traveling advice or if you have taken your LO on a cruise?

I already pre arranged a high chair for dinning, LO is sleeping with us and I'm hoping to bring her PnP for her to sleep in.

The only part of sleeping I am concerned about... She is a super light sleeper! Right now she sleeps in her own room, so she isn't use to other noises, so I'm terrified of her sleeping getting thrown off, but we will have to go with the flow! LO sleeps til 10:30 am too, and I just know those loud speakers will wake her! Lol

She will be 10 months old when we go, so hopefully she will be starting walking, so she can explore! If not I can bring her umbrella stroller! Thankfully, no plane ride!


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Re: Cruise in January! Advice?

  • I run a travel agency, so my LO was out and about from an early age. We just returned from St.Lucia and had a great time (I think she napped BETTER from all the sun, fun and swimming!).

    My biggest recommendations for anyone cruising is to bring a good stash of medecines just in case for baby and you!). Cruise ships know they have a captive audience, so things like baby Tylenol will come at ridiculously inflated prices.

    Secondly,(and this is more advice to you). You might be out in the middle of the ocean and surprised to discover that your cell phone has full service-don't use it! Cruise ships now operate their own towers and co-opt service at a cost of up to 7.00 a minute (over your normal roaming). Turn data roaming off so you don't incur charges from apps with push notifications.

    Let the cruise line/waiter know ahead of time if anyone has good allergies. They're trained to provide a clean kitchen and debriefed if any of your chosen menu items contain a sneaky allergen.

    Finally, my biggest piece of advice is to buy those first aid ice packs (the ones you crack and shake to activate) and keep one on you at all times. I trucked my daughter around some hotel inspections in St.Lucia last month, and while she was sunscreened and shaded-it was HOT. Having a cold pack on hand (covered with a wash cloth) was a lifesaver from preventing a meltdown. We've even used them ourselves!!!

    Bon voyage!
  • Oh, and check the location of your cabin. I always put families in areas where there are other passenger cabina above or below them. Locations below public areas tend to be noisier.
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  • We just went on a 7 day in November. Used the hotel style crib that they provided with blankets banana clipped to the sides open to the room so it LO would do her normal morning play time in her own.
    Snack! Bring their favorite snacks and few fav toys for things familiar.
    Our LO snuggles when sleeping so a gauze thin blanket was always with her to nap with which she did often in her umbrella stroller that reclines.
    We had a harder time when we got home than on the ship. I think she missed the commotion and activity.
    I had her front pack carrier as well and used it for the muster drill as it was her nap time so it was easier for her to sleep while is tight quarters with lots of people. I didn't use it any other time.
    Have fun!
    Jenn (34)

  • I haven't been on a cruise with LO, but we have traveled several times.  Here are some pointers that helped us.

    - get LO used to sleeping in the pack and play.  Try having her sleep in it or at least hang out in it a few times before you leave.
    - White noise is a MUST.  Our LO sleeps with a white noise machine at home which helps with noise.  When I travel I have an app on my phone which plays white noise.  It helps so much with drowning out noises.  He slept right through my 3 year old niece screaming. :)
    - Try to keep to your normal routine, but don't freak out if she gets a bit off schedule.  It won't last too long.

    Have a great time!

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    Have fun!!
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