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Finger Foods!

My son is almost 9 months and is loosing interest in baby food. What are your kids eating these days?

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  • My LO loves toast, squash, fruit and any kind of meat. We're pretty much done with purees now but still bring them sometimes when we are out and about. We mostly give him whatever we are eating in bite sized pieces.
  • DS's eating everything and anything and we try to give him portions of what we eat. Last night, he enjoyed his own bowlful of our chicken (and rice and beans) enchiladas. Yummy!

    Some of my go tos, though, are rice, peas, and beans. He loves all of them and they're pretty easy to prepare on the side. He also eats his fair share of Cheerios and graham crackers.

    Other things he has had recently: carrots, bowtie pasta with alfredo sauce, broccoli, shredded cheese, fried rice, mashed potatoes, cornbread, black beans. He also begged for a few bites of my milkshake the other night and loved it.
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  • Beans, quesadilla, all fruits & veggies, Cheerios, Gerber baby snacks, rice, bread, hummus, salmon, chicken, meatballs, Greek yogurt, cheese, etc.

    Basically everything we eat in pea sized portions
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  • How did the fish go? Salmon is not very allergenic, right?
  • She is hit or miss. Sometimes she only wants what we are eating and then other times she just wants to play with it after a couple of bites and wants her baby food.  She love chomping on bread, veggies, fruit, rice, muffins, eggs and potatoes.  She isn't too crazy about meat yet.

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  • He eats anything, really. Chicken, beef, beans, pasta, soft vegetables, cheerios. I *think* he is getting over his dairy intolerance so after talking to the pedi at his appt this Friday, I hope to introduce cheese, etc.

  • Anything and everything. I gave her a sample of french bread pizza from Costco and that was a hit. 

    Breakfast items: I make a bunch of pancakes Monday and then Thursday to give her (just oat meal, bananas, egg , baking soda and cinnamon) for breakfast.  Egg yolk "omelets" with cheese in them. Applesauce if we're out and about.

    Lunch: chicken (so much chicken) since thats what i usually eat. Ground turkey burgers. Steamed peas. Sweet potato coins. Steamed broccoli.  Rice.  Grilled cheese sandwiches. 

    Dinner: Whatever we are eating.  Last night it was rice, peas, and ground turkey in a basil and mustard sauce. 

    Snacks: yogurt chips, arrowroot cookies, puffs, samples from Costco, whatever snack I happen to be eating...

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  • ajdietz said:

    How did the fish go? Salmon is not very allergenic, right?

    The fish went well! She loved the cooked salmon! Not allergenic!
    Me: 30 | DH:34
    Married: 08/04/12
    DD: 6 years | Born: 03/28/13
    DS: 1 Year I Born 10/15/17

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